Chemical Traces Found in U.S. Bottled Water, Supposed To Be The Alternate Solution To Contaminated Tap Water

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Ohio tap water was tainted with a chemical used to make Teflon. And as an alternate solution, bottled water is provided to residents of the state. But, are the residents actually secured with their health after the replacement of the contaminated water? Not actually, and this is evident as the bottled water supplied has tested positive for trace amounts of the same substance, a lawyer and the bottling company owner said.

A rural southeastern Ohio water system is credited to have discovered the chemical traces. Under a 2004 lawsuit settlement with DuPont Co., its customers were among about 1,000 people receiving the bottled water, said water system attorney David Altman.

After a study of about 325 residents, the bottled water was found with C8 levels 80 times higher than normal, according to the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine. The study was supplied by the Little Hocking Water Association.

Via: Environmental News Network

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