Will Your Foundation Repair Break the Bank? (Expected Costs)

Will Your Foundation Repair Break the Bank

Homeowners are often shocked to find out how much it costs to repair or replace their home’s foundation. The average homeowner may not know that there are many different types of foundation problems, each with varying degrees of severity and cost. Once they understand all the components of foundation repair, they can make an informed decision about whether they need foundation repair now or if they need to wait until more serious damage has occurred. Here are some things you should know about foundation repair costs before you decide if you need to have it done right away or if you can put it off until later. This information is provided by our experts at Winston-Salem Foundation Repair Experts. Please visit our website if you require further information.

What is Concrete Cracking?

Concrete is a strong, durable material that holds up well under stress and has many uses around your home. However, it’s not impervious to cracking due to age, freezing temperatures or shifting soil. Concrete foundations are an essential part of a home’s structural integrity. If they begin to crack, you should have them inspected immediately by a foundation repair specialist. Understanding what causes concrete cracking will help you determine if it’s time for a professional inspection of your foundation.

Concrete cracking can be classified as active or passive. Active cracking is caused by freezing temperatures and shifting soil, while passive cracking happens due to normal wear and tear. Heavy objects placed on concrete foundations, like pools or heavy patio furniture, can also cause minor cracks that require reparation. Concrete foundation crack repair is generally inexpensive if it’s done by a professional. If you ignore cracks in your foundation, they will eventually grow larger and cause more severe structural damage.

Concrete cracks are not only unsightly, but they can lead to further problems. Because concrete structures are designed to support weight, small cracks in your foundation could turn into major structural issues that affect your walls and roof. Water can also find its way inside of cracked concrete foundations, weakening them even more. A foundation crack inspection should always be performed by a professional so you can properly address all cracks before they get out of hand.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix A Concrete Crack?

According to Home Advisor the average quote for foundation crack repair usually ranges from $2,137 to $7,427. If your foundation is beyond repair and you need a new concrete foundation poured, it can cost much more and varies depending on your home’s size and location.

The bottom line is you can expect to pay a couple hundred for small concrete cracks up to tens of thousands of dollars more for a complete replacement of your foundation. You may be surprised by these numbers, but your home’s foundation is one of its most important elements. Don’t let a neglected crack in your foundation keep you from protecting your biggest investment.

If you think you might need concrete foundation repair, ask your local contractor for a free inspection of your home’s foundation. They’ll let you know if it needs to be repaired or replaced and give you an estimate of what that will cost. Also, be sure to check out Angie’s List for more information on hiring contractors.

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Concrete Crack?

How long do these repairs take? It depends on how big your crack is, where it runs and if you want to hire someone for help; figure about one day per linear foot of crack. The length of time it takes to fix a concrete crack also depends on whether you hire a professional or tackle it yourself. Cracks that run perpendicular to driveways and sidewalks, for example, can be patched in one day. But cracks that intersect joints take longer; these cracks must be cut out completely and replaced with new sections. Patching and repairing these larger sections can take several days if you’re doing it yourself.

So, whether you’re fixing a driveway or sidewalk crack yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, know that it will probably take several days to complete.  To save time, repair multiple cracks at once. For example, repairing concrete joints can be tricky and tedious; by tackling them all at once with a patching machine and continuous mix (concrete and sand), you can decrease your labor costs and streamline your project. The key is knowing how much material to use; it’s easy to overfill holes and cause more cracks in adjacent sections of concrete during repair projects like these.

Also, keep in mind that just because concrete cracks appear on concrete driveways or sidewalks, they don’t necessarily indicate a structural issue. If your concrete is cracking, but not shifting or bulging, you likely just need to fix it.

What Are Some Alternatives To Repairing My Foundation Cracks?

If you’re serious about saving money and doing what’s best for your home, consider some of these alternatives to costly repairs and see how they compare. Just because your foundation is cracking, doesn’t mean you have to repair it right away. With some foresight and planning, you may be able to avoid expensive repairs. One option is hiring a company that specializes in concrete restoration, which uses an environmentally-friendly liquid cement that can extend your time before having to complete repairs.

Another option is to get ahead of it before your foundation starts to crack more. A company that specializes in concrete restoration can actually extend your time before having to complete repairs by fixing cracks while they’re small. This option will not only save you money, but also has environmental benefits because it uses an environmentally-friendly liquid cement that doesn’t need to be cured and a slow curing process means less carbon dioxide emissions.

Keep in mind that repairs are an inevitable part of life, whether it’s on your foundation or on other parts of your home. These are some ways to avoid making pricey repairs right away, but if you do need them down the road, make sure you have a reliable team on hand who can get it done for you quickly and professionally.

When you hire a foundation repair company, be sure to research their reputation and background thoroughly. Make sure they have experience in your area and focus on quality of work rather than just price.

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