Why Tree Removal is Cheaper in Winter (An Arborist Explains)

Tree Removal is Cheaper in Winter

There are many factors that determine the cost of tree removal, including difficulty, time involved, and more. Of course, the most obvious factor in cost determination—for any service or product—is the actual price of the service or product itself. And as it turns out, you’ll often find cheaper prices on tree removal in the wintertime than you will in other seasons, including spring and summer. So why does this happen? We’re glad you asked! Our professional arborists are located in Cedar Rapids providing expert tree removal. Do you require tree service Cedar Rapids? Read on to learn what causes this phenomenon…as well as how to take advantage of it!

What Factors into Tree Removal Costs?

If you’re considering removing a tree, it’s natural to want to know what factors into its cost. If you need an estimate for your removal project, start by asking these questions: What kind of tree do I have? Is it near anything valuable or vulnerable? Where does it stand? How much work will be involved in removal? What are my budget and timeframe constraints? All of these factors can impact price.

In addition to assessing your tree’s location, size, and condition, you should also consider things like proximity to neighboring trees and any underground utilities that may be impacted by a removal. If you have a large or valuable tree on your property, it’s important to know how its removal might affect property value.

Lastly the time of year that you’re removing the tree is a factor as well. Depending on where you live, it can be more economical to remove certain types of trees during different seasons. For example, if your tree is near any valuable structures or otherwise vulnerable, removing it in winter can save you money on cleanup costs. It’s also easier to find replacement trees for sale during certain times of year than others; especially if your goal is to replant immediately after your tree’s removal.

What Time of Year Should I Have My Trees Removed?

When you need your trees removed, it’s important to find a reputable company that offers fair prices and reliable service. While some companies may offer cheaper rates when they remove trees during peak seasons, it’s often worth waiting until winter. Here’s why

While it might be tempting to remove trees during summer months, there are some good reasons why winter may be a better time. First of all, tree removal services are often less expensive during winter because many companies have fewer jobs on their schedule. Additionally, if you need your property cleared for construction projects or home renovations, you’ll probably find that more companies have room in their schedules to accommodate you or even offer promotions. According to gotreequotes.com you can save up to 20% by having trees removed in the winter.

To find out if your local companies offer any discounts or promotions, contact them directly. There are firms like Oahu Tree Removal, that’d give you an immediate response. If you’re unsure how to go about doing that, don’t worry. Just call up one of their customer service representatives and they should be able to answer your questions over the phone. Just make sure to get quotes from at least three different tree removal companies so you can compare their prices before you decide which business you’d like to hire.

Companies Aren’t As Busy

One reason tree removal costs less in winter than it does during peak season is that companies are working at full capacity for much of spring and summer. It takes time to take down trees, clean up debris, and haul everything away. Because of that, many arborists will schedule winter removals more readily than they will during busier seasons. If you have a tree that needs removing right now ,it’s a good idea to call an arborist as soon as possible.

When you need tree removal or other tree care services, it’s not hard to find an arborist. Every town has one, so it’s just a matter of calling up someone who can perform work in your area. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to accommodate your schedule when you call. You may have to wait months if you want them to take down a tree for you.

If you’re wondering whether to schedule a tree removal in winter or during spring and summer, remember that an arborist doesn’t just take down trees. They also perform stump grinding and pruning services. When you need these things done, it can be helpful to get on an arborist’s calendar early so they can plan for them while they have some open time. This means your business won’t have to wait until spring or summer if you want these services performed right away.

Easier to Clear After Leaves Have Fallen

Removing leaves from a tree’s canopy can be extremely dangerous for arborists. The extra weight can cause branches to break or collapse, putting them at risk of serious injury. For that reason, it’s always easier to remove trees when their leaves have fallen off and they’re easier to access. A less cumbersome tree will also require fewer chainsaws and specialized equipment, cutting down on costs.

It’s much easier to conduct tree removal work during winter, after all of your trees’ leaves have fallen. This allows you to simply bag them up and dispose of them without having to worry about whether or not they contain any pesticides or chemicals that could potentially be hazardous. Leaving dead leaves on your property year-round is never recommended, as they can act as breeding grounds for pests like termites and woodworms.

Frozen Ground

Even if you do all your tree removal work during spring and summer, there’s still a good chance that some of your wood chippings will end up on frozen ground. This means that they can’t be easily moved away from your property—which means that they’ll either sit where they fall, or more likely, break through and puncture nearby grass or paving slabs. The solution? Waiting until winter to perform any of your work.

You might think that freezing temperatures mean you have to wait even longer for your grass to grow back, but on top of being easier to move chippings away from your property, winter is also a great time for your lawn. If you leave clippings on top of it, they’ll act as a natural fertilizer. Combined with rainwater over time, they’ll help grass grow at an accelerated rate.

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