What All You Can Expect from a Green Moving Company

All You Can Expect from a Green Moving Company

Moving being a laborious process takes a lot of effort and material. It takes a lot of packing material, effort, and fuel to get your stuff from one place to another. No matter how hard we try to be environmentally conscious, it is impossible to have a 100% eco-friendly move as every move includes a lot of plastic and fuel. But nowadays, many reliable interstate moving companies listed with Pricing Van Lines offer eco-friendly moves to save the environment and such companies are known as green moving companies. A green moving company unlike traditional moving companies does things in an eco-friendly.

Though services offered by a green moving company may differ from company to company, certain things are common among all. All green moving companies work on a common goal of the reduced effect of a move on the environment. Following is a list of things that you can expect when hiring a green moving company.

1. Packing

PackingThe first thing that we can expect from a green moving company is the use of recyclable packing material. Many companies use recyclable packing material but they are not necessarily eco-friendly.

2. Boxes

You can expect a green moving company to use recyclable and/or reusable packing boxes. You should not be worried that the boxes are used by someone else before as these companies make sure that the boxes are well cleaned and protected. Some companies use eco-friendly plastic bins that are used over and over again by them during multiple moves.

3. Use of Less Packing Supply

The lesser you use the packing supplies the more you do the good to the environment. The green moving company can help us in reducing the usage of packing supplies as they are professionals and know how to use less material for packing by putting more stuff in smaller boxes.

4. Recycling and Donating

A green moving company will not only help you in reducing the usage of packing supplies but will also encourage you in environment protection by using the used packing material. They prefer using used wrapping paper and boxes that have been collected during the year. The green moving company will encourage you to use that in packing and will not hesitate to use it even if the material is not customized for packing. You ca even take help of the moving companies in recycling your relocation waste.

5. Moving process

Moving processThe green moving company will be conscious about using eco-friendly materials and ways throughout the moving process. They will use all the possible ways to decrease air pollution and other environmental hazards with your support of course.

6. Air Quality

Clean air is the basis of every thought behind environmental protection. The use of alternate energy sources or hybrid cars can help in retaining clean air. Moving trucks also run on diesel fuel that emits harmful and toxic by-products that further deteriorate the air quality. This bad air quality leads to global climate change impacting the lives and habitat of animals and people on the earth.  We can reduce carbon dioxide omission during a move by using biofuel trucks for transporting goods from one place to another. Green moving companies run their trucks on biofuel or battery-powered engines to save the environment as biofuel engines consume less fuel thus produce less carbon.

7. Efficient Packing

Green moving companies know how to pack efficiently by using less packing material and the right packing material. Due to lightweight cargo, they will need fewer moving trips to your destination place which will further reduce fuel consumption.

8. Green Storage Approach

If you need storage services then you can even ask your green moving company for green and eco-friendly storage options. A green storage facility is generally filled up with reusable and recyclable storage containers of varied sizes. These spaces generally are filled with wooden boxes and containers that reduce the wastage of space with plenty of windows and vents to let the sunlight and air come in. This kind of infrastructure eliminates the need for air-conditioning to keep the air pressure under control. The additional benefit of opting for green space is their availability at lower prices as they charge you only for the space used by you.

9. Local Donation Sites

moving houseAs we all know that moving is the best time to get rid of our unwanted stuff. Donating and selling off are two options to get rid of unwanted stuff. Most green moving companies have connections with donation sites that can ease your work of donating all your stuff at the right places. You will have the satisfaction that the goods that you no longer want to use are donated at the right place where they will be used properly.

10. Socially Responsible

A company that is already doing a great job for nature will be responsible towards their employees too so by hiring such a company, you will be doing a favour to the society and employees of that company.

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