5 Eco-Friendly Methods to Solve Crawl Space Problems

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In many homes, the crawl space is not always thought of as one of the most sanitary environments. There are often dust, dirt, and rodent infestation all over the place. If you are dealing with a crawl space problem, you know how dirty it can be. It is hard to keep the place clean and safe for your family. There are ways to make the crawl space more pleasant for everyone in your home by hiring services to fix crawl space problems.

Fix the Crawl Space Problem

There are several reasons that people hire a crawl space repair company. They have the skills and equipment to deal with the problem. They have the know-how to make sure the work gets done right. Plus, it can be less expensive to hire them to fix your crawl space problem than to do it yourself. It is important to take all of these things into consideration when you want to hire professional contractors to fix a crawl space problem.

5 Eco-Friendly Methods to Solve Crawl Space Problems

1. Sealing the Space

Moisture causes the moldOne of the main methods to solve a crawl space problem involves sealing the space. Sealing the crawl space will help keep the crawl space free of moisture. Moisture causes the mold and mildew to grow and thrive. If you do not seal off the crawl space properly, mold and mildew can form a perfect environment for disease. The building materials will deteriorate and crumble.

2. Remove the Old Materials

You may also have to tear down parts of the building materials or dispose of materials that are no longer needed. Removing old materials from the crawl space allows you to use up more of your crawl space which can be used for other purposes. Using up more of your crawl space does not just make it unusable; it can also make the structure of the house unstable. If there are problems with the foundation, the entire building could be jeopardized because of the foundation.

3. Avoid Old Methods

chemicals sprayThere are other methods to fix a crawl space problem. Most people use the most traditional methods such as using chemicals to kill mold or using certain kinds of materials. However, these methods can be hazardous. The chemicals used to kill mold can be harmful to anyone who breathes them in. And, the materials being used to create the crawl space can be very toxic.

4. Try Safer Solutions

Fortunately, there are much safer solutions than using chemicals or tearing down parts of the crawl space. Many solutions do not require destroying or disturbing the crawl space. Instead, these solutions allow homeowners to get rid of their crawl space problems while making the house less dangerous and less hazardous. These solutions do not have to be expensive either.

5. Encapsulation

Eco-Friendly Methods to Solve Crawl Space ProblemsIf you still want to try other methods to solve a crawl space problem, you can consider encapsulation. This involves sealing off the crawl space and surrounding area so moisture cannot get inside. You do have to seal it well though because encapsulating just weakens the materials used to insulate the crawl space. Thus, you do not want to put your crawl space through a lot of stress, which is why you need to carefully insulate it. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to get rid of any mold or mildew.

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