Weedrobe Wardrobe: Ephemeral garments made from leaves, branches and flowers

Weedrobe Wardrobe ephemeral garments made from leaves, branches and flowers 1

While comparing her weedrobe art with something as ephemeral as ice itself, the Vancouver-based artist Nicole Dextras considers photography as only and the most viable medium of capturing her creativity. She creates weedrobes out of leaves and flower while keeping in mind a story, a narrative or a character. Dextras keeps experimenting with expressly green components, i.e. plants, she finds on a street or in her backyard and later, morphs them into remarkable artworks.

The environmental artist has designed and fashioned quite a number of garments from invasive local plants, neatly cut leaves, different kinds of branches and colorful flowers. The highly fictional outfits seek to suggest the optimal use of sustainable materials and practices in creating green fabrics. Collectively dubbed as Weedrobes, the collection features numerous sculptural dresses, namely Invasive Species, ECO-MAN, Camellia Countessa, Hydrangea Debutante and Weedrobes Wardrobe and Accessories.

Browse through the gallery to see her art in person or watch the video below which narrates her experience as an environmental artist:

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