Unite to Light aims to provide LED lights to 1.5 billion people

Why the need?

While our cities glow with glitter at nights with huge amounts of electricity wasted unnecessarily, there are others in the rural areas who either cannot afford electricity or face acute power cuts. A staggering figure of 1.5 billion people still depends on kerosene as the only reliable source of light at night. One cannot undermine the ill effects of using kerosene, as it is known to cause a number of respiratory problems as well as carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Mission

A non-profit organization Unite to Light has taken the initiative to replace the kerosene lamps in these areas with solar LED lights that can be charged during the day and used at night for lighting purposes. They have come with two of such solar devices- UTL-1 and UTL-C. UTL-1 is an all-purpose solar-powered LED light. It provides 4 hours of light after 8 hours of charging. UTL-C is the more advanced version that cannot only provide lighting, but can also charge your cellphone or e-reader by plugging to its USB slot. So, when you need lighting, what you need to do is switch the solar device and it will keep you entertained with power it harnessed during daytime.



Unite to Light not only aims at solving the lighting problems of people in rural areas, but also help them save money they would spend on buying kerosene, which can be used for purchasing food and educating children. Quite surprisingly, kerosene lighting contributes to 7% of global forcing that occurs from the use of black carbon. This is a significant number and devices such as UTL-1 and UTL-C can actually go a long way in providing us a cleaner, reliable source of energy.

Currently, UTL-1 is priced at $25 and UTL-C at $75. You can assist Unite to Light by purchasing as well as donating these LED lights to the third world.

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