Tips for waste reduction during a road trip

waste reduction during a road trip

While we are at home, we take all the trouble to make sure that we keep it clean even if it means spending countless hours to do the chores. As much as we take the pains to do all this at home, when we go outside, things turn around. So many times, we have seen people throwing trash on the road. It is not just in the cities, but even on the highways. What we do not realize is that we are not just dirtying the streets but also harming the environment.

The worst time for this to happen is when you are on a road trip. While you are on the campgrounds, you have access to various dustbins for throwing things, however, when you are driving on a road it might take quite a long time before you can find one. This is when you need to find out ways on how you can throw the trash out wisely.   Well, instead of just throwing things on the road, you can adopt the zero waste concepts by following some few basic tips and ideas that can be useful for you and the environment at the same time.

Do the necessary preparations

waste reduction during a road trip

The first thing that you need to make sure is that you prepare things properly. If you are planning to eat food in the vehicle while you are driving, consider having a plastic bag for the trash. Apart from that, you can also consider dry snacks such as trial mixes, granola bars or anything else that will suit your preferences. This is especially helpful if you will be camping out in the woods and do not want to waste time in cooking.

Keep the garbage separately

Make it a point to put the used cans or bottles in one bag and the other garbage in the other. There are places where you can dispose the old cans and bottles easily. You can throw your cans and bottles in those bins instead of letting them lie on the road.

Look for recycling collection agencies

There are recycling collection agencies everywhere. You can easily go to these places and hand over the stuff that you have. Even if you are thinking about camping, some campgrounds offer this service to you. Some of them also go ahead and place recycling bins that people can use to throw the things they do not want.

Reuse old bottles


Instead of buying a fresh bottle of water every time, one good way would be to refill these bottles so that you have enough of water. Apart from that, you can consider packing some water bottles from home instead of purchasing them from outside. Whenever you stop for a break, just refill the water bottles and you are all set.

Opt for accommodation with services like recycling

This would require a little planning and some research but it is truly worth a shot. There are hotels and various other accommodation providers that also have a recycling service. These eco friendly accommodations are not only budget friendly but also a good choice to make if you want to stay for the night. Some of them have a collection system wherein you can hand over the stuff that you have for recycling.

Throw your stuff in gas stations


Even gas stations have trashcans. Instead of throwing things on the road, you can easily stop at the nearest station and just throw the stuff there. In some places, they also keep the special recycle bins for people who want to dispose materials like plastic. This is a good way to make sure that you do not dirty the environment.

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