These 9 Things in your house might be making you sick

Things in your house might be making you sick

We all spend a lot of time in our valiant attempts at staying fit and healthy at work as well as at home.  However, in this day and age of pollution, it is an increasingly difficult thing to do. Many times, it isn’t you but the surroundings that are making you sick. It is more than just stressful city life and pollution. We leave many small things unnoticed, some of which start harming us in hidden ways. However, it isn’t possible for one to clean every nook and corner of the house. Therefore, here is a list of the items that are most commonly the hidden reasons behind common sickness. After knowing about these items it would be easier to pay particular attention to them.

9 – Household things that might be making you sick

1. Bedsheets:

You probably had no idea but the innocent white bed sheets have the potential of making you extremely sick. The reason behind this is that it is highly probable for the bed sheets to house dust mites. When the room is damp and dark the conditions are favorable for the growth of such dust mites. Apart from causing common allergies and diseases they also make you more susceptible to the common cold and similar diseases. Thus you must make sure that the bed sheets are changed, regularly washed and vacuumed, and you let a lot of sunlight into the rooms.

2. Nooks and corners of the refrigerator:

We generally ignore the refrigerator and do not count it among those household items which can potentially make you sick. But if not cleaned properly it can prove to be a big threat. A lot of items trickle down and accumulate in the corners. The vegetable section too if not paid enough attention when cleaning might cause trouble. A dirty refrigerator might be making you sick without you even knowing it. So the next time you clean yours make sure that you do not skip the corners.

3. The blender:
The blender

Usually, they come across as an embodiment of good health. The blender has to be cleaned perfectly to avoid any sort of contamination. There are some small gadgets inside the blender and these gadgets collect the liquids which become the hotbed of micro organisms. They might be making you sick as they easily get into the next healthy beverage that you brew. So from now onwards after every use make sure that you thoroughly clean the blender that you have used. This will certainly help you to eliminate one reason for illness in your house.

4. Mold that is hidden:

Mold is a major health hazard when it comes to the modern houses. They build up on the walls and wooden structures with ease and are often fairly difficult to spot. One of the most common problems caused by this mold is allergies. As many as one in every three are susceptible to allergies caused by these molds. Take special notice of the formation of such molds among the things in your house. Eliminate them right when they are formed and only then can your house stay safe.

5. Cleaning products:
Cleaning products

The cleaning products that you use in your house may smell all citrusy and lemony but are hardly as good as they smell. Most of them in fact have some harmful chemicals in them which are extremely harmful when they come in contact with the human skin. So while choosing the cleaning products you must pick one that is organic and free from such harmful chemicals. Also in using them you must use it in dilution and moderation. When it comes to cleaning products always remember that the cleaner the better.

6. Heating systems:

Heating systems might be making you sick in the most surprising ways. In fact, a lot of causes of sickness are emanated from the central heating systems. This is because the temperatures are not regulated properly and vary from room to room. This difference in temperature is a major cause of many of the common colds and diseases that you experience because the body has to accommodate to the new temperatures in each room. So if you are using one such device make sure that the temperatures are set uniformly for all the rooms.

7. Vacuum cleaner:

This particular item in this list must have surprised you to some extent. This in fact is one of the things that promote good health but it is also true that this is instrumental in making you sick well. If the filters are not tended to properly it causes a host of germs and bacteria to settle down in the form of accumulated dust particles. That is a health menace and is capable of causing many diseases and allergies. So if you happen to use one make sure that the filter is kept clean at all times.

8. Bath mat:

This is never paid as much attention as some of the other items in the house and neither is it regularly cleaned. A bath mat is a host to several germs which are capable of making you sick. So the next time onwards wash it from time to time and put in the sun so that the germs are neutralized.

9. Showerheads:

There are few things like a long relaxing shower and in the course of that time, the shower heads are very important. These showerheads, however, must be cleaned on a regular basis as otherwise they just become the host for some of the harmful germs and bacteria which can cause respiratory infections and even allergies. As a solution, you can try to clean them after every use.


Final words

At least our homes can be made into safe havens and if we get rid of all these things. That is the sole purpose of this article where we told you about some of these things in your house that are potentially making you sick without you even knowing it.

Even the most popular household items when not managed properly have the capability of making you sick. You already saw many of such things in detail and it is a reason for illness without your awareness. Be careful and manage such things with care so that the next time onwards your house is safe and free from unnecessary diseases like you would want it to be.

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