The future is now: Smart homes are headed our way

 Smart homes are getting smarter all the time. But, are they getting easier to use? The answer is yes, and that’s good news for you. Here’s what you need to know about the new smart homes on the market and how to use them.

Wired CAT 6 cables

Wired CAT6 cables are incredibly useful. And, while it’s an old technology, it’s definitely part of the new smart home. By installing cables into the walls and feeding Internet connectivity to all rooms with a wired connection, you can decrease the load on the wireless router and increase speeds dramatically.

Some devices may only work with a wired connection. And, wired often offers higher or better security than wireless.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats control and monitor internal temperature, make adjustments, and can be customized to your liking.
So, for example, if you want to make sure that the heat stays at 64 degrees throughout the day, you can set it at this temperature. If you want it to turn up to 70 degrees when you get home, you can program this.

The difference between smart thermostats and old programmable ones is that these new thermostats “learn” your behavior. So, instead of the old way of programming them, you simply turn the thermostat up or down, and leave it.

And, after a few days of routine, the thermostat “learns” the temperature you like at certain times of the day and adjusts automatically.

It can also be set manually on those occasions when you’re out of the house unexpectedly, or when you leave for the weekend for a planned trip.

Smart thermostats can also control other appliances, turning the power up or down, and adjusting energy usage throughout the day to maximize energy savings.

Remote control appliances

Expect remote control appliances to be on the market soon. These new appliances will be controlled using your smartphone or tablet computer. They’ll also be able to operate automatically when programmed to do so.

Smart Security

Smart security from companies like, will monitor your home 24/7, give you greater control over your home’s security system, and allow you to personally monitor things from your smartphone.
You’ll also be able to have the police notified immediately if there’s a break-in. No power? No problem. New security systems will have battery backups just in case the power is out or it is intentionally cut.


Smart security systems can also track movements throughout the home, so if someone did enter, you know exactly where they went, and when. This could then be used to help recover any missing items.

Smart plants

Smart plants are on the way too. Devices that monitor when your plants need to be watered, the general humidity in the air, and other information will help you keep your plants alive. This is a great option for gardeners or those just learning how to take care of plants.

These devices would change the way people garden and, if you’re a gardener, you’ll spend less time managing your plants, less water watering your plants, and take a lot of the guesswork out of gardening.

Smart heating vents

Smart heating vents will help you control the chill in all rooms. Whether it’s summer, and you need more cold air, or it’s winter and you need more heat, smart heating vents will open and close based on who is in the room, the heat relative to the rest of the home, and other factors.

The goal is to keep all rooms in use at the same temperature, and to avoid heating or cooling rooms where there are no people, thus saving on heating and cooling costs.

What’s usually needed for these systems to work is an actuator that’s retrofitted to existing heating vents, or a replacement vent and temperature monitors or sensors. The sensor senses the heat in the room, and then makes adjustments to the vents as necessary.

Smart security camera

This nifty device sends the user an alert when it detects an unfamiliar face. It alerts you that someone may be entering your home who shouldn’t be there. Should that be someone unwelcome, you’ll have time to contact the police and/or security. Some systems can be connected to your security system, or you can have alerts automatically trigger a call to the police (though this is probably a bad idea for false alarms).
The simplest devices will simply alert you so that you can take the appropriate action.


Ryan deMoore is a builder who has always been interested in the latest gadgets and new technology being developed. He has been tracking the rise of Smart Homes and eco-friendly builds and blogs on these topics for a selection of homeowner and real estate websites.

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