Inviting Mother Nature inside: Garden room inspiration for homeowners


There is something calming and appealing about creating a place in your home where it feels like the peace and beauty of the outdoors has found its way inside.


This feeling is created by using a garden room to allow nature to become part of your interior and the likes of Taylors Estate Agents are likely to have a number of properties available that offer you the chance to buy into this experience.


If you want to pave the way for nature indoors, here are some ideas to help you work on a garden room design that will help you to achieve this aim.


Be inspired


A good starting point when considering your design options is to be inspired by the various shades of foliage, colors, textures and patterns that occur naturally in your garden.


The secret to creating a garden room or conservatory that feels like it is part of the outdoor space in your home is to work in a visual image that merges the two different worlds of outdoor and indoor living, so that they combine for a seamless transition as you move from one space to the other.


Think about your flooring


A good trick to employ is to use the same type of flooring in your garden room as outside.

Bamboo Kitchen Flooring_

Terracotta tiles work well in this respect. These rustic clay floor tiles add warmth and style to your garden room but in addition to this, they are a great material to be used for continuation into the outside space.


A complementing floor covering that allows you to feel like you are not really changing your surroundings and just continuing your journey from one room to another will create just the right impression and help the rest of your design options to work as well as possible.


Staging your garden room


Using various props in addition to plenty of foliage, will help to enhance the impression of a space that feels like you are enjoying a day in the garden, but without any worries about the weather.


You might want to consider re-purposing some old gardening equipment and accessories to further enhance the impression of an outdoor space. With a bit of imaginative staging, you can use some props like old watering cans, pots and other garden items and mingle them amongst the foliage.


Using the right furniture

Another way of ensuring that you get just the right look for your garden room or conservatory is to put a lot of emphasis on selecting the right furniture for your room.


A good choice for a garden room would be woven furniture. You will often find woven furniture used in a garden setting and replicating this scenario within your indoor space will normally work well.


Woven tables and seating can comfortably provide a touch of comfort and elegance whilst also achieving a feeling that you could easily be outside and enjoying all that you garden has to offer, despite being in the comfort of your garden room and inside your home.


Green fingers


If you enjoy the challenge of growing plants and herbs, you might want to put your green fingers to good use and grow an indoor garden.


There is a practical as well as aesthetic aspect to this particular idea. A colorful array of different herbs and plant species will look attractive and at the same time, you can use the herbs in the kitchen as well as enjoy the aromas that some of these plants can fill your room with.


Designing the room itself


If you are starting from scratch and designing the garden room itself on the drawing board rather than re-purposing an existing space, there are a number of considerations you will need to address.


There is the practical aspect of planning restrictions and you will need to get specific advice on this aspect of the project. In addition, you will also need to decide what style of building you want to have built.


Whether you opt for a more traditional design or prefer something more contemporary, will often hinge on the age and style of the existing property and also be influenced by any planning issues that you might have to overcome, relating to size and aesthetic considerations.


You can have a lot of fun creating and then designing the interior of your garden room. Once finished, you may well feel that you have invited mother nature inside, and enjoy the feeling of tranquility that this can do for you.



Caitlin Rowley has a passion for interior design and is always working on a project in her own home. Planning a new DIY project makes her happy and she can often be found contributing on various DIY and decor sites with her ideas.

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