Thailand: Flash floods, mudslides kill 10

thailand flash floodMonsoon rains are commencing with their disastrous aggressiveness. A victim of it, northern Thailand has the seasonal rain killed at least 10 people. Forty-seven people have gone missing, leaving thousands homeless, according to officials.

During the monsoon’s inception, the deforested hills are lashed with heavy rain, followed by flash floods sweeping into cities and towns in four provinces, as reported by the officials.

500 km (310 miles) north of Bangkok, in Uttaradit, the rain stranded four trains, carrying about 1,000 passengers. After this incident, rail traffic running between Bangkok and the north was canceled.

In the 24 hours to 0000 GMT on Tuesday, rain fell to 330 mm (13 inches) in the Laplae district of Uttaradit province. The continuous rain led to mudslides burying 10 houses, killing six people, officials informed.

Via: Reuters

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