Can aforestation save China's agriculture?

chinese agriculture

After the cancer having its grasp over Chinese villages, it’s now the turn of the environment’s nemesis to come down hard on the Chinese people. Global warming is having its impact on the country’s agriculture. Over the next two decades, farmers in the country merried a burst of growth led by a degree or two increase in the temperature there. But, if this trend is maintained, China’s agriculture will decline by 2050, other research out of the country reveals.

The only solution to combat this devastating phenomenon is aforestation. Realizing this, the government has put up a plan into place that targets covering 26 percent of China’s land mass with forests.

In addition to this initiative, to save the country’s major occupation and economy, the government also plans to study the greenhouse gas increases and water supply changes. To equip itself, the government is setting up organizations like the Bashang Earth Systems Observatory.


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