Global warming 'in turn' spurs greenhouse gases

greenhouse gas emission2

Greenhouse gases are known to contribute hugely in global warming. But, do you know the rising temperature of the environment pays it back in a similar way – i.e. global warming in turn spurs greenhouse gas emissions? It means a ‘lose-lose situation’ for the Earth. Moreover, if this phenomenon really exists, the planet could get hotter faster than what the climate models predict.

In the past, when the the sun’s natural cycles warmed up the Earth, the atmosphere was found to have spewed more greenhouse gases, this basic conclusion was reached by simultaneously but separately by two scientific teams — one in Europe and another in California.

Margaret Torn of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory said in a telephone interview,

It means the warming is happening faster, each decade is actually warming faster than it would have… It’s the pace of change that will be one of the big problems. It’s how humans adapt and the cost that will depend on the rate of change of climate.

Via: Reuters

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