Six sustainable mobile phone cases for your iPhone 4S

The first thing I would do (and I bet others would do as well) after getting an iPhone 4S is search for a good, sturdy case to keep it in. In addition, being the environmentalist that I am, I would surely want to opt for something that is sustainable and eco-friendly; which was what made me check out for eco-friendly mobile phone covers for an iPhone 4S on the internet the other day and guess what? I came up with some interesting options. Take a look!


Designed by Miniwiz, the Re-Case mobile cover is made completely from recycled agricultural waste materials, mainly the by-products of rice farming. The company reprocesses these waste materials and adds them to high quality thermo plastics. The result is a highly sustainable material and is achieved with minimum emission of carbon dioxide. The material can also be recycled again, thereby leaving little or no carbon footprint. Miniwiz sells these cases at $24.95 each.


Natural Bamboo Case

Grove has designed this really creative iPhone 4S cover at its production site in Portland, Oregon. It would be surprising to note that the cases are handmade and come with a simplistic design. A small-scale business that believes in restricting quantity to maintain quality, Grove makes sure that the cases are as durable as they are eco-friendly. The highlight of these cases, however, is the superb laser etchings that cover the surface of each case. You can choose from several existing designs or create your own personal engraving. Prices for the Natural Bamboo Case start at $89.

Felt iPhone Cozy Case

I know some people who actually name their iPhones and treat them as something more than just a gadget. If you are one of them and want to show that everyone around you how much you adore your gadget, here’s the perfect way to do so! The Felt iPhone Cozy would look (and feel) like a handmade sweater for your iPhone. The case is made of Felt Fabric which in turn has been made from recycled bottles. The case is washable and does not fade with time. It also has double layers to protect your phone better. You can also personalize the case by choosing its color and replacing the trademark mustache with a mark of your choice (for instance, your initials). Prices for the case start at just $7.


Case-Mate Jett Metal Case

I am what you can call an ‘accidental freak’ when it comes to handling cell phones. In addition, if you are someone like me, then the Case Mate Jett Metal Case is what you need! The metal case is made of sustainable billet aluminum (just a single block) obtained from aircrafts. The sturdy metal would offer ultimate protection for your iPhone and comes with minimalistic changes in the basic design. For the price of $50, you also get a handy tool set (for assembly purposes). With this baby protecting your iPhone, you never need to worry about dropping your phone again.

Wood Camera iPhone Case

If you love the vintage look, try recreating it for your iPhone as well. The Wood Camera iPhone Case is made entirely out of sustainable walnut wood (the harvested variety). The surface of the case is engraved with the help of lasers while a soft inner lining is provided to prevent scratches. Your iPhone would look classic in this model which is available at a price of $42.


Ribandhull Bridle Wallet cum iPhone Case

This one would go well with women who find it hard to juggle their purses and iPhones in different hands (or bags). The Ribandhull Bridle Wallet is made entirely out of premium bridle leather (vegetable tanned). The result is a beautiful, sleek look with a glossy finish that would make every one go gaga over your iPhone cover. The best thing about this iPhone case is that it has space for other essentials like your cards and cash. Prices for the case start at $95.

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