Sir Plus: UK based fashion house morphs surplus fabrics into clothing

Fashion is not all about flaunting superfluity and adorning oneself with gaudy apparels. Accordingly, the UK based menswear label Sir Plus believes in extracting what is needed out of superfluity. They call it ‘Cabbage’ and transform the same into exceptional quality menswear. For more than a year now, the fashion house has been upcycling off-cuts and superfluous fabrics into elegant, suave outfits.

The constantly evolving range of garments includes boxer shorts, waistcoats, bow ties, jumpers, t-shirts and even women’s boxers. Moreover, you need not to worry about the carbon footprint either since all items are locally produced in England only. Sir Plus sources the cabbage from tailors and factories, designs the cabbage into clothes, makes chic apparels out of cabbage, and finally, sells the clothes at fairs and online.

Via: HippyShopper

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