Roetz Bikes are greener than most you see on city streets

Roetz Bikes are greener than most you see on city streets 6

Considering the amount of carbon emissions produced by those gas-guzzling autos, biking is undeniably the greenest mode of transportation. Folks at Roetz-Bikes, however, intend to make this practice greener than it is otherwise by endowing used bicycles with more sustainable features. Flaunting thoughtful use of re-used steel frame and natural materials, their bicycles enable one to hit the streets with style and sense.

The most prominent features include tanned leather saddle from Lepper (made in Holland), wooden mudguards from embossed, FSC-certified beechwood, cork handles, wireless LED lights which rely on rechargeable batteries to illuminate your way, recycled quality frames and high quality gears, crankshaft and bearings. Moreover, each bicycle comes equipped with a sturdy basket carrier made from reused crate.

Available on Roetz-Bikes, the custom-made bikes come in three variants to allow city bikers ride their way in a sustainably responsible way.

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