Revitalized Artistry gives vintage mid century furniture a second chance

Fabricated and reinstated by Athens, Georgia-based marketing student Christopher White, the Revitalized Artistry line of furniture actually gives a new lease of life to the old mid-century Danish style furniture. White loves to mend broken pieces of furniture into its former self and this particular, spare time hobby has inspired him to bring this collection into existence.

Thanks to White’s meticulous artistry, the furniture pieces do show some fine traces of the forlorn, mid-century woodwork. However, the artist makes sure not to alter the retro-essence of the time-honored vintage furniture pieces. So, you can see original handles adorned in color palette with fine contrasts.

Available at Etsy, the Revitalized Artistry collection starts at around $400 and goes as high as $975. Since the manufacturer doesn’t have enough pieces left, you need to act fast for sure.

Via: DesignMilk

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