Moving Overseas and Abroad: How to Move Your Belongings to a New Country

Moving Overseas and Abroad How to Move Your Belongings to a New Country

Moving abroad is a great opportunity to start from scratch and plunge into new exciting adventures. However, before starting a new life in a new place, you will have to face some difficulties in the process of moving. Though do not rush to get upset because the process of moving overseas can be easily simplified if it is properly prepared.

All you need to assure a perfectly organized and comfortable moving is to use our tips that are described below in the article and ask professionals for help. Follow, and the best moving company SF to LA will plan everything and help you at every stage of your moving. 

Questions to Ask Before Moving Abroad

In fact, the process of moving begins long before packing and transporting furniture. The most important stage of the process, especially when you are moving internationally, is careful planning.

If you do not know where to start, begin with three basic questions that everyone who is considering moving abroad should ask themselves.

Where will you live? Moving to another country is always a leap into the unknown. Of course, you must understand that, at first, it will not be easy and you will be stressed, so you need to ensure yourself security and stability as much as possible. Make arrangements for housing in advance. Trust only reputable real estate websites, and best of all, hire a reliable real estate company that will do everything for you.

Can you afford an overseas move? Planning a moving budget is a separate stage of the moving organization. You should take into account small expenses, such as the purchase of adhesive tape and stickers for boxes, and, of course, big upcoming expenses, such as overseas shipping.

How will you move your belongings to another country? Relocation storage for overseas moves is difficult due to the long distance and the change of vehicles. To simplify the process, first, determine what you are going to transport and divide all things into categories. This will help you understand how much and what kind of packaging material you need, how many and what kind of transport vehicles you need, what you can transport yourself, and whether you need the help of shipping professionals to transport.

Tips for Moving Abroad

We have prepared a list of useful moving tips that will help make the process less stressful and more organized:

  •   Analyze shipping prices.
  •   Sell ​unwanted items.
  •   Vaccinate your pets.
  •   Get insurance to avoid extra customs duties.

1. Analyze Shipping Prices

When you have determined the stuff to be transported and the approximate move dates, you can compare the offers of shipping companies that operate on the route you need and choose the best option according to your budget.

2. Sell ​​Unwanted Items

The fewer things you move, the easier the process and the cheaper the transportation. Everyone has things that no one has used for a long time or those that can be easily replaced with new ones at a new place of residence. If you know that the transportation of some stuff will take more effort and money than just buying a new one, then you can definitely get rid of it. Of course, something can simply be thrown away, but if belongings are in good condition, then why not sell them and spend the money received on moving?

3. Vaccinate Your Pets

To avoid a situation in which customs will be forced not to let your pet cross the border, you need to take care of all the necessary documents, certificates, and vaccinations. The most important thing you should know about pet vaccinations is that they need to be done at a certain time before crossing the border. Consult with a specialist so as not to make the vaccination later than the due date or, on the contrary, arrive at customs with expired certificates.

4. Get Insurance

Moving is a complex process during which a lot can go wrong. To protect yourself and avoid rising costs, it is worth insuring yourself and placing all the risks on a separate organization. Moving abroad insurance is your guarantee in case your things are damaged or lost. Ask professionals from Got2Move, who help to move from Orange County to San Francisco or any other location, for assistance, and they will explain how to move abroad safely.

5. Avoid Extra Customs Duties

Shipping overseas includes transporting your stuff through customs. Almost all countries require people with a lot of belongings to complete a detailed inventory of everything they are going to bring in. Moreover, most containers are physically inspected or X-ray scanned, so take inventory seriously to avoid finding unlisted items or seizing prohibited items in the country you are moving to. Customs officials can also charge you extra fees if they spend too much time inspecting your items due to inconvenient packaging, so pack your stuff for easy access.

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