Minimalist Wood Sculpture: An art sculpture that illuminates!


The product

Beautifully designed art sculptures, especially the ones made with wood are a fad these days. You might have seen several of them lined up at stores. However, the art sculpture, pictured above, is definitely different from any of those. Featuring an illuminating glass core, the Minimalist Wood Sculpture can be a splendid addition to your home.

The wooden sculpture comes with a four-foot long white cable. When you plug this cable into an AC circuit, it draws out the power. It further comes with a USB port that can be plugged in for power. The wood presents a beautiful pattern of light from all angles. The impressive piece comes with a unique and attractive twisting motion throughout the entire body. The unique design and texture makes the décor the center of attention. You can use it as a table lamp in your drawing room or as a chic lamp on your computer table!

What makes it so special?

The product is handmade by folks at SplitGrain, an Etsy seller. In fact, each piece takes 50 hours to complete and is made from a single piece of wood. For the making of the art form, the limbs of the cypress trees are selected. After the selection, the next step includes cutting and splitting each particular piece into a unique shape. Once a special piece is chosen, the next step is to refine the structure. In the refining process, the art sculpture is sliced to bring out the details out of the overall shape of the piece. The maker has sanded the faces to provide a particular structure.

To complete the wooden structure, it is covered with three layers of UV protected urethane. Now the wood is drilled carefully to place the illuminating glass core and rubber grommets which are mainly used to hold the glass slices. The base of the sculpture is carved out to fit an aluminum heat sink which bulged out having one LED light and lens.

How is it different?

It is true that a number of products with LED lights are available in the market, but this one is unique and beautiful in its own ways. Therefore, having one in your living room, reading room or library will definitely add a distinctive, eco feel to your abode.

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