iLumi: Smartphone controlled, Bluetooth enabled LED light bulbs

Considering the fact that our lighting related requirements form a major chunk of a household’s energy consumption, we have seen LED and CFL light bulbs coming up to replace the conventionally employed incandescent bulbs in recent years. With their aim to help you save a few watts, folks at iLumi have designed a series of customizable and energy efficient Bluetooth-enabled LED light bulbs which you can control by any smartphone. Unveiled this week on Indiegogo, the light bulbs promise to serve you for 20 years.

The iLumi LED bulbs rely on iLumi’s Hyperlux Technology to offer amazing programming options for displaying millions of color combinations and wireless control via an iOS or Android app. Claimed as the world’s most intelligent light bulbs, iLumi flaunts a 100-foot range. A Bluetooth network allows the multihued LED bulbs to enlighten the ambience as they communicate with each other. As mentioned in the beginner, the customizable bulbs helps users change LED colors, dim or turn them on/off when they feel like doing so. Moreover, the intelligent LEDs follow your favorite music, though you need to download an application for that.

Starting at $59, the iLumi LED bulbs are available in four different models to suit your needs and style.

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