How Do Solar Panel Installations Work? (Comprehensive Breakdown)

How Do Solar Panel Installations Work

Explain to homeowners the process for solar panel installation, step by step, and the intricacies of how the electricity and wiring work, can talk about batteries, inverters, racking, etc.

Solar energy and solar panels have become increasingly popular as time goes on and people start to understand renewable energy. A lot of homeowners looking into solar energy may have a ton of questions about the process and what exactly to expect. After all, solar panels take up space and have to be installed, so sometimes people like to know what to expect about the installation process. We’re going to be going through the installation process and what exactly is being done during the process. Knowing what to expect and what is happening with your solar panels will help you to understand the process and be more confident in it. Let’s dive into the steps it takes for solar panel installation.

What Are The Steps To Installing Solar Panels?

Solar panel installation consists of a few different steps. These steps help to prepare the site for the solar panels, and it also includes the actual installation process, as well as the activation of the panels. To start it’s important to note that solar panel installation can take a few weeks to a few months to complete depending on the project. Based on the size of the lot and how many panels are to be installed is what will determine how fast the project will be completed. Multiple steps are usually done during the solar panel installation process, so let’s check them out solar panel installation CT.

  1. Site assessment: The site assessment is step number one for the solar panel installation. The site assessment is exactly what it sounds like. The contractor will visit your site and inspect it to ensure it is suitable for solar panel installation. This is the time for contractors to tell you about any parts of your site that may impede solar panel installation. This is also when the contractor will start to design and visualize where the panels will be going.
  2. Permitting: Permitting is a step that must be done for any solar panel installation. Permitting is the process of submitting the solar panel designs to your local government for permitting. This basically permits the installation of solar panels on that particular plot of land.
  3. The actual installation: Next is the solar panel installation itself. Once the permitting step is done then the contractor can start working on the job site. The contractor will start ordering materials and getting things set up for the first day of installation. Once that day comes, the contractors will be at your property to install the solar panels. They begin with wiring and then putting mounts down for the solar panels, then lastly they install the panels. This part of the process can most of the time be done within a day.
  4. Inspection: Once the installation of the solar panels is complete, this is when the government inspection comes along. This inspection must take place before the energy source can even be turned on and operating. The inspector is there just to make sure that the panels are installed correctly and that there are no issues with them. They will also install net meters if they have that option in your area.
  5. Activation: The last step in the solar panel installation process is activation. This is again, exactly what it sounds like. The activation part of the process is simply turning on and activating your solar panel energy system to start powering your home.

What Should I Know Before Installing Solar Panels?

When it comes to installing solar panels on your property there are a few things to take into consideration or that you should know before doing so. Going solar is a great option for everyone but taking into consideration some of these things beforehand could save you.

Determine how old your roof is. Your roof must be in good condition to support solar panels. It’s also smart to get any repairs or replacements done on your roof before installation because it is much more difficult to do roof repairs once the solar panels are installed.

Determine how much available space you have. Solar panels take up space and this can be a concern for some homeowners. Making sure that you have adequate space for the panels is important. Homeowners should make sure they have enough available space for the amount of solar energy that they’ll need.

Think about where the sun hits your home. Solar panels work the best when they are in direct sunlight. Ensuring that you have space to install them in a spot that gets direct sunlight is necessary. Looking at where the sun hits your home can help make better decisions with solar panel placement.

You would need to trim trees. Trimming trees or removing other objects may be necessary. Solar panels need sunlight and space, so sometimes making changes to your property is necessary for them to be properly installed.

Do you have HOA? HOA typically has the final say when it comes to solar panels. You should check with your HOA to make sure that solar panels are allowed and if there are any restrictions on how many panels, etc.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Solar panels don’t last forever. They actually last about 25 to 30 years depending on the panel and usage. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that they will stop producing energy at the 25-year mark, but the energy that they produce will subside a little bit. They won’t be as strong and powerful as they once were when they were first installed. Even with your solar panels being “retired” at the 25 to 30-year mark, they will still save you money on energy by offsetting it with the amount of energy that it does produce.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation can seem a little complicated to the average person, but it’s not too hard to understand the basics of it. Knowing what to expect with a  solar panel installation helps to ease some nerves that might be created from the big switch. Solar panel installation isn’t consist of a ton of steps and the process is quite basic as far as what the process is from the assessment to installation and the inspection. Overall, if you’re looking to get solar panels installed you can call your local solar panel installation company to get an assessment done on your property and get the process going for installation.

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