How Crystal Wash 2.0 Is Revolutionizing Laundry: Cheap, Eco-Friendly, and Easy-to-Use

Laundry devices may be one of the last things you expect to find on Kickstarter, but one project has been wildly successful, for good reason. The Crystal Wash 2.0 Kickstarter met its goal in less than half the allotted time by proposing an easy-to-use, money-saving, eco-friendly alternative to traditional laundry detergent.

Crystal Wash completely eliminates the need for laundry detergent by using bioceramics – all natural materials that control the pH level of laundry water, raising the balance in order to let stains and dirt to soak free of clothing naturally. The process has been proven to work as well as laundry detergent, effectively disinfects and removes bacteria from your laundry and, most importantly, is easy-to-use, eco-friendly, and cheap.

Crystal Wash can save you an estimated $250 for every 1000 washes (1000 washes amounts to approximately 40 jugs of laundry detergent and just one $50 Crystal Wash ball). The reusable bioceramics also make it so you don’t have to wash harmful detergent chemicals down the drain every time you do your wash. The natural bioceramics are one of the most-loved features of the product – praised by customers with young children, for example, who don’t want to wash children’s clothing with harsh detergent chemicals that can be irritating to the skin and leave clothes smelling like artificial perfumes.

Crystal Wash does need to be recharged every 30 or so washes, but even that’s eco-friendly. Just leave the ball out in the sunlight for a couple of hours to re-stabilize the pH levels of the minerals inside and Crystal Wash is ready for use again.

After the success of the first edition of Crystal Wash, the company behind the campaign has made plans to improve on the original and launched a Kickstarter for Crystal Wash 2.0. Almost 4,000 backers raised over $250,000 in under a month, more than doubling the initial goal of $100,000.

The new iteration of the device makes it connected and Internet-friendly: Crystal Wash 2.0 will be equipped with a Bluetooth micro-controller that connects to a smartphone app available for both iPhone and Android. The app will notify you when Crystal Wash needs to be recharged and lets you monitor the state of your laundry, along with showing some handy graphs and statistics on wash cycles and your cumulative savings.

The app can also send a notification when your laundry’s done, making the process of chores a whole lot easier. No need to buy and pour detergent or even try to remember when your laundry’s done – just throw the Crystal Wash ball into your washing machine and relax… let the technology do the rest.

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