7 Useful tools made of old, recycled parts

A lot of us tend to throw out old, broken items, thinking we wouldn’t have any use for them. Sadly, that’s not the truth. There are plenty of ways in which you can reuse old, broken items for other purposes in your home. For instance, take a look at these 7 useful tools that are made from old, recycled parts.

Broken Tape Measure becomes Depth Gauge

Broken Tape Measure

Why throw out that old tape measure when you can use it as an effective depth gauge? Cut out a 10 inch portion of the tape with a tin snip. If the tape starts at the 1 foot marker, well and good. If not, there is no need to worry. You can designate any number as the 1 foot mark and measure from there. This depth gauge would make it very easy for you to measure the depth of items lodged in very tight spaces, including cabinets, thin kerf cuts and mortises, etc.

Broken Jigsaw Blade becomes Saw Drywall


If you have a broken piece of jigsaw blade, consider attaching it to the tip of the jigsaw’s shoe. This blade can then cut through dry wall effectively without damaging the wires behind it. It can best work out in areas where you cannot use a utility knife for the same purpose. Be sure to wear some goggles though for it would create quite a lot of dust.

Old Detergent/Handwash Bottle becomes Glue Dispenser

old Handwash Bottle

You would probably need to use a lot of PVA wood glue for your household projects. But keeping this glue in tins and using them can become quite messy. An alternate but highly efficient solution to this problem is to use an old dish or hand wash bottle dispenser. Simply pour the glue into the bottle and use it when needed. The dispenser will ensure that just the right amount of glue lands up on the project as well, thus preventing messes. You can also remove the dispenser after work and close the bottle with a regular cap in order to avoid blockages caused by the drying glue.

Expired Credit Card becomes Glue Spreader

Expired Credit Card becomes Glue Spreader

Have a couple of expired credit cards at home? Consider reusing them as glue spreaders. Their thin film will make it easier for you to spread just the right amount of glue on a project. There is no need to worry about creating a mess as you can easily clean the card with water afterwards.

Broken Mirror becomes tool to drill perfect holes

Broken Mirror becomes tool to drill perfect holes

The absence of a drill press will make it very hard to drill perfectly straight holes on any surface. You can use a piece of broken mirror to tackle this issue. Simply place the mirror next to the mark where you plan to drill the hole and affix it to the surface with tape. Place the drill on the hole and hold it in such a way that the drill and its reflection on the mirror seem to fall on the same line. Keep this line in place as you drill the hole in order to ensure that it is straight and perfect.

Scrap Wood Pieces become Wood Pushers

Scrap Wood Pieces become Wood Pushers

Cutting wood is a very dangerous process that can lead to harmful accidents if not handled properly. You can make use of scrap pieces of wood to push wood through the cutter, thereby saving your hands from the ordeal. Using a wood scrap will also allow you to work as close to the cutter as possible without worrying about cutting off your hands.

Scrap Wood Pieces become a Handmade Drill

Handmade Drill

There are many tutorials that let you make entire tools out of discarded parts. For instance, a hand powered drill can be made from nothing but scrap wood pieces. The drill for the machine is welded into a pipe, holding it still and in place even when drilling through very hard steel.

Have some old broken tool parts in your home? Instead of throwing them out, consider recycling them to form useful tools. In addition to these models, you can make your own DIY tools using nothing but recycled parts.

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