Here Are the Leading Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions in 2018

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Carbon emissions are bad for us, right? So what are you doing to curb CO2 emissions and the steps you plan to take to prevent climate change? Need a little refresher how the two are connected?

CO2 is a gas that is naturally occurring on planet Earth. However, human activity puts more CO2 into the air than the earth can handle. As the amount of carbon emissions builds in our atmosphere, the result is trapped heat which warms the planet. Most of the CO2 emissions by humans comes from the burning of fossil fuels for transportation, such as the gas in our cars, or the fuel for flights. As well as for the electricity we use for daily household appliances.

Various experts note that in order to keep global warming away from extinction levels, global carbon emissions must begin to fall by 2020.
So what are some ways people can take action to reduce carbon emissions this year? Here are the methods that leading environmentalists endorse.

Garden by using the correct tools

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A study by UC Santa Barbara revealed that gardens and growing one’s own food can reduce carbon emissions. But it is not enough to simply plant a garden. One must use tools and methods that are environmentally friendly.

For example, on a small scale, families should look to compost organic waste to use as fertilizer. This reduces the amount of garbage that must be disposed of at a treatment facility.

On a larger scale, farming methods, such as those used by Exapta, reduce farming’s fuel usage through no-till methods. No-till farming method cuts tractor use by almost 80 percent, which goes on to curb those nasty carbon emissions.

Cut down on personal and business waste.

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Everything you buy and then throw away either ends up in a landfill or requires disposal in a waste management facility. Landfills are powerful emitters of methane gas. And it contributes to problems for humanity through smog. As well as by activating health problems in individuals like asthma.

Individuals and businesses can help reduce waste in their homes and offices. Individuals can look for ways to reduce personal consumption of goods that will only end up being disposed of. For example, wrapping paper that will only end up being thrown away. Or food items and other products with excessive packaging. It’s hard to do away with packaging entirely, but at least avoid mixed material packaging. The type that combines plastic with paper. Go with one or the other so that you can recycle your waste. suggests businesses focus on purchasing durable materials for use in the office. Another way businesses can reduce waste is through reducing their consumption and use of printed manner. Going digital will reduce paper consumption.

Be aware of how much electricity your house consumes


Electricity production and its use across the US accounted for 29 percent of carbon emissions in 2015.
Find out how much your house contributes to this total. And figure out ways to reduce your consumption of electricity. Some favored ways of reducing your home’s carbon footprint include:

  • Turn off the thermostat during mild weather.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use.
  • Don’t run the dryer on sunny days. Use the great outdoors instead.
  • Hand wash dishes when you aren’t in a rush.
  • When buying anything electronic, take note of how energy saving it is.
  • Make it a game to see how much you can reduce your electricity bill each month.
  • Find out how your energy consumption compares with households around the world.

Watch how you travel

Vehicles, trucks, airplanes, ships, and trains all burn various forms of fossil fuel. This contributes to transportation’s second-place ranking on’s list of primary sources of carbon emissions in the US.

Cutting your use of fossil fuel vehicles would reduce your personal carbon emissions by 10 percent. So the next time you need to go for a grocery run, take your bicycle instead. Or consider going for a walk. Not only will you be doing a favor to the environment, but you will be reaping health benefits, too.

Wondering how to vacation in an eco-friendly way? Considering long-distance travel, and nothing other than an airplane ticket will get you there? You can still be eco-conscious. Reducing the amount and weight of your baggage will help lighten the fuel load. Maybe not by a huge amount, but at least you will be doing your part.

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