Global warming can hit Peru's economy largely!

sacred valley of the incas

The great Andean glaciers are melting! Though the Andean mountains still have snow, a lot of rock is now showing through on many of them. The glaciers are receding alarmingly — at about 100 meters a decade!

The nearby Sacred Valley of the Incas is also feeling the heat. The water level here is going down, with the temperature rising. The valley grows giant white corn, with kernels, which has a unique combination of water, temperature, soil and sun. This corn is exported to Spain and Japan.

But, if the weather pattern keeps changing in this manner, it would be a great lose for the valley’s economy, as the giant corn kernels are not growing quite as large as they used to! To add to the disaster, new pests have started appearing, and there is no longer enough water to plant the terraces in the valley, dating from Incan times.

Via; Pasadena Star News

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