Deforestation has degraded Indonesia's environment, worsening human immunity seriously: Environment Minister

indonesia bird flu epidemic

Indonesia by now has been hit by a number of natural disasters — such as floods, landslides, disease outbreaks. The diseases include bird flu, tuberculosis, polio, diarrhea, acute respiratory problems, malaria, dengue fever, and anthrax.

The Indonesian environment seems to have degraded seriously in 2005.
But, what is the reason behind this?

The degradation of the country’s environment was very bad, especially through deforestation,

Environment Minister, Rachmat Witoelar said in Jakarta on Tuesday after launching the 2005 report on the Status of the Indonesian Environment.

According to Antara news agency’s report on the minister’s saying, the degradation of the environmental health’s quality has in turn worsened the human bodies’ immunity, leading to such disease outbreaks.

Via: English People

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