Five Deep-Sea Exotic Fish Species Destroyed in Just 30 Years!

round nose grenadie

Only caught since the 1970s, at least five species of deepwater exotic fish are catapulted to the critically endangered species list within just 30 years, according to Canadian scientists. The researchers seem to hope little of saving them along with many other species, likely to be similarly endangered and, worse.

Most commercial fish, such as cod, live on the continental shelves. But, unsatisfied fishermen led fishing vessels to move on to a hitherto-unexploited wealth of strange-looking fish on the slopes of the continental shelves, down to 1600 metres, thus leading to over-fishing in the 1970s.

Once commercially fished, the round-nose and onion-eye grenadier are now taken almost entirely as accidental by-catch alongside Greenland halibut. These are the deep-water fish that has also begun to decline. The other three species analysed – blue hake, spiny eel and spinytail skate – have only ever been taken as by-catch.

Via: New Scientist

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