Did the Red Rain In India Actually Bring Alternate Life from Space?

cells from scarlet showers

It happened four years ago. Parts of India witnessed in surprise, the scarlet showers containing the red specks. This is where the mystery begun. And it is only recently, scientists are thinking to have decoded the peculiar phenomenon. A paper to appear in a scientific journal claims the strange red rain might have dumped microbes from space onto Earth four years ago. But, since extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, the report is meeting with a shower of skepticism. And this one is yet far from drawing a conclusion. Thanks Geoff Manaugh for the information.

‘These particles have much similarity with biological cells though they are devoid of DNA,’ wrote Godfrey Louis and A. Santhosh Kumar of Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, India, in the controversial paper.

Via: World Science

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