Emily Knight conceives Nike Eco Sole-ution for a green stride

Conceived by a Boston-based designer Emily Knight, the Nike Eco Sole-ution offers a sustainable footwear packaging solution for eco conscious, modern consumers. Considering the fact that we dump about 10 percent of ordinary packaging material, this particular concept packaging focuses on the reusability, recyclability and sustainability factors to counter the same.

The Nike Eco Sole-ution packaging is made out of eco EVA, which is further made from recycled midsoles or recycled cardboard. The innovative packaging solution reduces the need for inner packaging thanks to dedicated slots that hold footwear in place. The packaging features several windows for lateral, medial and bottom view of footwear and thus, it eliminates the need to open package frequently. A transparent, recycled plastic-made slide shell allows for all weather/dust protection.

Other features include elongated grab handles for easy transportation, a slide-shell removal mechanism, still easier unlocking system and a footwear removal system. Moreover, it includes soy based pad print or heat transfer branding. The design features a tongue outseam that allows for weaving laces through it and side panels.

Since the packaging is fully reusable and recyclable, it could keep trash, which emanates from 23,000 pairs of shoes that Americans buy daily, from landfills.

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