Ecofriendly decor ideas sure to add the WOW factor to your abode

Ecofriendly decor ideas

If green is your lifestyle, and you make every effort to reduce your carbon footprint, you can do that while decorating your home too. There are many ways to incorporate ecofriendly décor ideas which are actually quite stunning and elegant. You could build your home using rubble, have reclaimed windows and doors, use ecofriendly paints, and so on. Here are some easy but unique ideas to add the WOW factor to your home:

Use bright colors


Use lead free paints in ‘earthy’ shades to give that zing to your home. Shades like dark brown, burnt sienna, brick red and mint green make your home stand out, and look fresh. Lead free paints are ecofriendly options. They keep you and your family safe from poisonous lead fumes over the years.

Add jute and straw

Instead of plastic, which anyway makes your home look tacky, use ceramic mugs and real cutlery to replace plastic mugs and bottles. Ceramic looks great and lasts long, and by reducing plastic in your home, you’ll help avoid more plastic landing up in the landfills. Besides, jute laundry baskets look far more elegant than plastic ones. Cane furniture and decorative objects are ecofriendly and they look very nice.

Use ecofriendly CFLs and LEDs

choose CFL light bulbs

One of the most effective ways to make your home ecofriendly is to switch to lighting which conserves electricity, such as CFLs and LED lights. These lights consume very less electricity, and apart from doing your bit for the environment, you’d save a lot in energy bills. Instead of using new lamps, you can use old lamps which look beautiful and add a touch of vintage flavor to your home.

Use recycled windows, doors etc

Instead of constructing new windows and doors, use recycled windows and doors in your home. Pallet furniture is cheap and strong, and looks great too. Use leftover pipes and flooring material from other construction sites to build a home which is absolutely new, using repurposed wood and metal.

Create an edible herb garden

herb garden

If you like herbs, you can create indoor or balcony herb garden with pots of coriander, basil, rosemary, and so on. To add some interest, use crotons and succulents and ferns, which clean indoor air as well as make your home green and beautiful.

Waste panels make good headboards

Headboards look amazing and can become the focal point of your bedroom. Cane headboards look gorgeous, especially if you have cane chairs too scattered in the room. Some people make their headboards out of waste panels which becomes an affordable and stylish option for boards. Just paint or polish them and your bedroom will look stunning.

Use thermal curtains


Replace old curtains with thermal curtains which will reduce your energy bill. Just add some thermal lining to your chosen curtains to transform them into an ecofriendly asset for your home.

Wall made from rubble

If you are building your home, you can use the rubble from other construction sites to build your walls. This ecofriendly wall option is strong and fits in with your goal for an ecofriendly lifestyle. 

Use terracotta to add beauty

home decor

Terracotta decorative items such as figurines and pots, can make your home look gracious and elegant. You can use colored terracotta pots of different sizes and shapes to create a unique look, as well add a dash of color to your home.

Terracotta, cane, straw and reclaimed wood furniture can be used together to have a cohesive design. And what’s more, all these things are inexpensive, so you can have a pretty home without having to spend tons of money.

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