Eco-friendly homes that are an inspiration in every way

Green home design is not just a fad anymore. Almost 1/3rd of homeowners are incorporating ecofriendly features in their homes as well as constructing some interesting green homes. Treehouses, yurts, container homes are just a few examples of sustainable homes which are finding great favor with eco friendly people. Here are some examples of ecofriendly homes to inspire you to go green while building your home:

The Yurt

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The modern Yurt is an adaptation of the traditional Yurt used by the nomads of Central Asia. The Yurts, which are used by ecofriendly people these days, are made from hi-tech materials which can withstand extreme weather. They can a few days to set up, and they are not built to be moved about too often.

Tall house

The tall house is made from recyclable materials, which are soldered, nailed and screwed together. Biodegradable and natural glues, sealants and paints are used and the result of all the ecofriendly steps is a home, which has an amazingly fresh indoor air.

Shipping containers

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The idea of shipping containers as mini homes has picked up all over the world. These containers can be divided into different living areas, windows can be cut out, sliding doors are incorporated and even showers are installed to make it a complete home.  Container homes are great way to recycle them, as well as provide homes for people who want small homes. Painted in bright colors, these homes are eye-catching too!

Escape traveler

This is just like a RV, but the difference is that it is ecofriendly and stylish. This home on wheels is energy efficient and six people can sleep inside at one time.


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The Earthship is a kind of solar home which is constructed out of recycled and natural materials, marketed and designed by the company Earthship Biotecture, New Mexico. Earthships homes use cross ventilation techniques as well as thermal construction to manage the indoor temperature naturally.

The treehouse

Treehouses are no longer the domain of children. Many people are using treehouses as offices, residences etc. Instead of clearing forests to build homes, homes can be built around the trunks of trees. Treehouses provide a green canopy too, which keeps the homes cool naturally. 

Modular homes

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These homes are made from different modules which are prefabricated. All modules are constructed off-site and are delivered to the site. Even you can order a modular home, which would then be assembled on your site with the help of a crane. These homes are ecofriendly because they generate much less waste during construction. They are made of reusable components and you can also relocate them if you choose to move to a new site or city later.


Convertible house

The barrel vault ceiling makes the small space feel big. The house has mega-anchor foundation, and does not have any concrete. It relies on solar power, battery bank, and wastewater is carried to a worm farm on site.



Beach house

This house is located near the South Beach and the design is centered on the passive solar design. It follows minimalistic design externally and internally and the steel framed house which is double glazed and heavily insulated, has a stable indoor temperature all around the year.


All these homes are ecofriendly homes, minimizing the reliance on conventional fuels and utilizing ambient natural lighting. You can also include these features in your green home, including thermal windows, floors and so on. Making use of ambient light, and designing your home in a way to heat and cool it naturally are ecofriendly measures you can incorporate while building or renovating your home.

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