Eco artist creates Great Blue Heron sculpture from recycled bike parts

With a 1,400-pound giant statue installed in its campus, the University of Oregon now looks quite different from how it was a week ago. Now, you could see a great blue heron greeting bystanders and students alike. Created by a UO graduate Jud Turner, the 16-foot tall sculpture is made from 50 percent recycled materials and 50 percent new steel, hauled out of redundant bike and motorcycle parts.

Dubbed as Great Blue Heron, the colossal metal sculpture now stands tall on a vacant space in the corner of 13th Avenue and Alder Street. The giant, green art installation was officially dedicated on October 18, before Eugene’s 150th birthday on Oct. 20, 2012. The OBEC Consulting Engineers had to lend a helping hand in erecting it. A crane lifted the bird out of a flatbed truck trailer and then, bolted the statue’s feet to a pedestal. The eyeballs were installed later.

Commissioned in partnership with the Duck Store, the University of Oregon and the City of Eugene, the 16-foot-tall heron will continue inspiring art lover, bikers, recyclers and commuters for sure.

Via: DailyEmerald

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