Cool eco-friendly games you can play with your friends

Wooden Jenga And Scrabble

The majority of games nowadays are played on some form of electronic device. This is not the most eco-friendly way to play. And even then, sometimes it’s more fun to get together with your friends and family and play some board games.

This list will show you your options while still helping to protect the planet at the same time.

Here are 9 cool eco-friendly games you can play with your friends on the next game night. You’re going to have a blast.

1. Ping Pong

Ping PongThis is a classic game that the whole family can enjoy. It’s one of the most athletically challenging games on this list but won’t cause you to lose your breath and start not having fun.

Not many tables are eco-friendly but Joola is a brand that takes pride in how it only sources its materials from sustainable timber. Further, all the glue they use to fix everything together does not include any solvents and there is no plastic used in the labelling as they use a laser for the logo instead.

Make sure you don’t forget this idea for the next time you’re planning a gettogether. Check out this article and find your new ping pong table here.

2. Earthopoly / Oceanopoly

Everyone loves Monopoly. It’s the classic board game. Well, Earthopoly is all about making you aware of the planet. You win the game by taking care of the many amazing features of the Earth.

Increase your property’s value by trading carbon credits for clean air. If you have a carbon footprint, you must pay a fine. Also, the jail is replaced by a landfill – and no one wants to be thrown in there!

Oceanopoly is very similar except that marine life is the main focus and the deed cards are replaced by educational content.

3. Hit the Habitat Trail

Hit-the-Habitat-TrailNot only is this game really fun, but it will also cause you to have some discussions about sustainability, renewable energy and protecting our planet. You must answer questions in order to progress. Get the question right and you collect a habit card which provides information about the environment.

This game is not just for adults. Get the kids involved too to help them learn and enjoy themselves at the same time.

4. V:King

Love the outdoors? Want to be a viking and fight with an axe? Then this is the game for you. Grab your weapon and shield and knock your friends to the ground. The winner gets the crown is the champion.

V:King is a lot of fun and will have you up on your feet and moving around. Anyone of all ages can play and it doesn’t matter how athletic you are, or may think you are. It’s more of a mental game that requires skill and strategy to overcome your opponent. It’s essentially and family-friendly version of Game of Thrones.

There’s an eco-friendly version of this game. The swords are made from hardwood sourced by local suppliers. This keeps carbon emissions down to the minimum in terms of production and transportation. There are no chemicals involved in the manufacturing process either.

5. Endango

EndangoThis game requires you to take care of different environments, ranging from the ocean, forests, safaris and the ice caps. Every region has three endangered species to protect and every action you take will either help them survive and thrive or contribute to their extinction. The ultimate goal is to protect every animal in your own environment.

The game makes it clear about how our actions affect the planet. All the parts used to create the pieces are made from recycled materials.

6. Mancala

Mancala is only made for two players so it’s perfect for your next eco-friendly date night. The objective is to capture your opponents’ pieces before they get all of yours.

It teaches you different skills and requires some strategy. If you’re both competitive, you’re in for a treat. And best of all, you don’t need your phones or use any battery life to have fun.

Mancala comes in several eco-friendly versions. For example, there’s one that’s made from dark hardwood and all the little pieces are made from shells found on the beach.

7. Green Card Games

Green Card GamesYou can play a card game anywhere at any time, from throwing a party to just killing time on a plane. A pack of cards comes in handy in many situations so the next time you need some, consider buying an eco-friendly version like the Bicycle Eco Edition.

The cards use vegetable-based inks and the lamination is done by starch-based glue. Further, the cards themselves are made from paper sourced from sustainable forests. If you decide to get rid of them, they can be fully recycled.

For those of you that prefer not to play traditional card games, Uno Wilderness is an excellent alternative. It’s like the original game but provides an outdoor twist with the cards featuring images of nature rather than the standard colors.

8. Boggle

Boggle is yet another classic game to play with your friends. Most versions are made from plastic but there is now an eco-friendly way to play. Instead of plastic, the pieces are replaced by heavy-duty wood so it will last just as long.

The rules are exactly the same and it’s great to play with kids to teach them how to spell and improve their reading skills. You can also get custom colors too.

9. Wooden Jenga And Scrabble

Wooden Jenga And ScrabbleThese games have given friends and family thousands, if not millions of hours’ worth of fun over the years. But there are now eco-friendly versions that will help you do your part to protect the environment.

For example, you can get Jenha with information about national parks and another that’s made from 100% recycled fish nets – the first of its kind.

For the wordsmith, switch your traditional Scrabble set for the version by BSIRIBIZ. They also sell replacement pieces in case you get too excited and manage to misplace one or two.

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