Cataclysms May Devastate Oregon Any Moment: Mythology Warns


Do you know Oregon is sitting over massive fault lines, where another devastating earthquake or tsunami could strike at any time? A startling new scientific discipline that combines Earth science studies and analysis of ancient legends claims this. And if that happens, Oregon’s banks of Siletz Bay in Lincoln City will experience the greatest burns of the incident. According to these geo-mythology proponents, violent geological upheavals may be more frequent than was previously suspected.

According to the new science, it is harnessed by researchers that the sudden inundation of the Black Sea 7,600 years ago can be traced from the Middle Eastern flooding myths. There are Native American stories about boulders, called a’yahos, along the Oregon and Washington coast. They narrated that the boulders can shake to death anyone who stares at them. In addition, Ruth Ludwin, a seismologist in Seattle, discovered tales of villages being washed away and of whales and thunderbirds locked in fights.

Via: The Guardian

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