Amazon Destruction Has Dropped by 31 Percent: Brazil Government

amazon rain forest

Here is a piece of good news for the conservationists and environmentalists. They have been concerned with the Amazon rain forest, as it lost 7,300 square miles, which is an area more than half the size of Maryland. But, its time for you to relax, as the Brazilian officials announced that deforestation slowed by nearly a third this year. Down from 10,500 square miles in the same period the year before, the rain forest lost 7,300 square miles between July 2004 and August 2005.

The Environment Minister Marina Silva informed. She further added that the largest decline in deforestation was along the edge of the highway running from the mid-western city of Cuiaba to the Amazon River port in Santarem. The Government plans to pave the highway have increased land speculation in the region. That the forest products are harvested in accordance with environmental policies is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Via: Environmental News Network

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