Can a Small Change in Fittings be Energy Saving for Business?

The process of saving energy can seem overwhelming, made up of little victories. Contributions can be made in the unlikeliest of corners, and there’s always an extra effort that you and the people around you can do. Ultimately, saving energy is not a linear area – it’s creative! The flow of ideas doesn’t have to stop once you get to work, either.

There’s always a way to save energy in the workplace. Ironically, when most employees are staring through the window, wishing for a way to insulate, it’s not only their reflections that are staring them in the face – the answers to energy saving are too! While some businesses thrive in the cold, businesses who need to insulate can do so through adjusting window fittings.

Sealing the Breach

If a window is fitted cheap, the cold night air can roll right on in yet still. It can almost feel like the window isn’t there at all! Employees need to work comfortably, but it’s a waste of energy and money in keeping the heating on all day. So, what do you do?

For the first and temporary kind of precaution, seal up the windows instead. It’s a short-term solution, but by using affordable foam tape you can seal out the cold at least for a while. It’s simple and cheap, and should retain some degree of warmth while you weigh the longer-term solutions in mind.

Double Glazing

Of course, combing over gaps with tape can quickly slip into a repetitive, albeit cheap cycle. Business people don’t have the time for this routine. It soon becomes clear that a more permanent fix is needed, one that can remove all the worries and chilly office winters at the same time.

Double glazing is a solution here. On double glazed units, the gap between the outer and inner glass stores a vacuum, which stops the transfer of temperature from the outside to the inside. If you go this more expensive route, watch out for condensation – if it’s there it means the seals gone, and that you need a new unit!

Balustrade Barriers

Saving energy in a business means throwing up barriers, and windbreaks are perfect for warding out the breeze. Additionally, if you get creative, your business balconies can operate as makeshift windbreaks all on their own too.

Even when the doors are closed, the balustrade part of the balcony can reduce the impact of the wind against the doors, windows or anyone outside enjoying the view. Furthermore, companies such as Barrier Components offer cost effective glass clamps, meaning that your business balustrade can be strong and solitary, firm in the face of strong weathers.

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