Is Daylight Saving Time Really Good For The Ecosystem?

As humans, we have been given a new sense of what time is; the ability to synchronize time from one place to another, a perfect understanding of simultaneity. All these were made possible through telegraph which has really impacted and presented us with the possibility for the world to have different time zones, standard time and the most important of all the Daylight Saving Time (DST).

But, what exactly is the Daylight Saving Time? The Daylight Saving Time with an abbreviation (DST) is simply the process of turning the clock ahead as summer month approaches, sacrificing normal sunrise to enable evening daylight last longer so that people will have one more hour of daylight in the afternoon and evening during the warmer time of the year.

Anthony Boldin, the founder of a blog solely about Daylight Saving Time, stated that “It was originally invented to make better use of daylight hours and save energy’’. When the days become long during summers; it is beneficial to use it in order to get more daylight. An example is when we alter time to get more benefit from daylight, we get a chance to save electricity that is  used for lighting purposes during the dark hours. Displacing the time one hour back increases the amount of daylight; helping us to save on energy consumption.

Why Do We Need Daylight Savings Time In Our Ecosystem

Daylight Saving is beneficial for risers, who have to go for their job and for extracurricular activities during the morning. The get plenty of benefit from daylight savings time as it helps them by providing them with plenty of sunny hours during the day. Without them, plenty of people would have to wake up really early which would make it difficult for them to go to their workplace.

It Is An Advantage Both For Businesses And For the Society

The daylight savings is very valuable in present day’s business and global culture; it allows people to have a little more sunlight to complete tasks in the workplace and outdoors events. From a business, it means they can stay open and take advantage of more light during the summer months.

It Is beneficial For The financial sector

Spending more time in daylight helps people to go shopping after work, which increases retail sales. For those who are driving, it raises gas and food sales for two thirds of the year. An example is the chambers of Commerce, which is in favor of DST because it has an immensely positive on the economy as the consumer expenditure increases.

Negative Effects of DST on Our Ecosystem

It Affects Our Businesses And Transportation System

As a human, switching to the Daylight Saving Time causes uncertainty in one’s journey. For example, public transportation system, like airlines and railways, are not able to maintain a single standard of time because one place is following the daylight savings time, on the other hand, the other place is using the Standard Time. As a farmer, livestock is disturbed by the change in time; because they don’t understand the significance of time change to adjust; whereby decreasing the overall productive output.

It Affects Our Health

People tend to suffer from several types of ailments such as Sleep disorders, and heart related problems. When a change in time occurs during summer seasons and one must be cautious while handling some medical equipment, which is time-dependent. Also, it affects administering of medications and appointments which must get revised accurately in order to prevent any type of medical problems.

Public Safety

Initially, most of the times, it is difficult for people to switch to the ‘new clock’ and the ability to be able to meet up with an appointment. Hence when they fail to do this, it can lead to leaving some safety rules unattended and also to taking rushed decisions which can cause accidents during driving or at work.

It Affects Some Religious Beliefs

An example is the Hindus, who depend too much on the exact time for horoscope purposes. There are many other religious ceremonies that are dependent upon the time of the day, and DST is a major threat to it.

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