Best eco-friendly gadgets for new parents and some tips

There was a time when parenting was more of a traditional approach. Our parents used to guide us how to take care of our children, who were sometimes guided by their own parents. However, now that time is long gone. Most of us live in nuclear families with very little contact with our parents. Therefore, parenting becomes an exceedingly difficult task for most of us. Nevertheless, although modern life has taken away many helpful traditions from us, in turn, it has also given us something. And what’s that? Gadgets! So here are some wonderful eco friendly gadgets for new parents. Take a look at them!

11 – Best eco friendly gadgets for new parents

1. Hatch Baby Grow diaper changing pad

The soft and cushy changing pad acts as digital scale too, tracking the baby’s bodyweight, feeding amount and diaper changes. The data is sent to your smartphone via an app with which you can track in time.

2. Maxi Smart Stroller

Eco friendly gadgets for new parents such as this sleek stroller is one of the must-have parenting gadgets. It’s beneficial for both baby and mother. The unique LCD dashboard can track distance traversed, speed, amount of calories burned by mom and so on. There are in-built taillights and headlights, along with rear-wheel power generators which provide the energy for the LCD system and to charge your phone’s battery.

3. Babynes formula dispenser

Babies need to be fed in regular intervals, day and night and most of your time would go in washing and cleaning bottles and preparing formula. This definitely tires out new parents so this formula disperser is like an answer to your prayers. The Babynes formula machine is one of those must have parenting gadgets for parents of bottle-fed babies.

It can be used according to the growing needs of the baby as it has formula capsules which you can use according to the baby’s age, up to 36 months or three years. Seems like a good investment, as you only have to put the bottle underneath the dispenser after feeding the capsule into the machine – you get a lump free, right temperature formula in less than a minute.

Baby gadgets like this one are wife- enabled, and can track the baby’s growth, send feeding alerts and when you have to order formula. Another bonus is that there is a registered dietician on call always to answer your nutrition queries and create an accurate feeding plan for the baby. With so many pluses, this product is definitely a must-have gadget.

4. Paint

You might be wondering why paint is on the list of gadgets. It’s because eco friendly paint is a choice you should make, while you’re buying all these nursery gadgets. Paints like Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne paint base and paints can be used to paint the nursery, so that there are no fumes and VOCs in the nursery. Environment friendly paints are asthma and allergy free, which is so important to keep your tiny baby safe.

5. Ergo Carrier

Check out the Ergo Carrier to help you carry your baby around. This is one of the eco friendly gadgets for new parents about which there is no doubt that it is required. It makes it easier to carry you baby around, so that she is never far from you. With the Ergo Carrier, you can even go hiking together with the new baby.

6. Lightweight rocker

This automatic rocker can be the rocked by just pushing a button, so that your aching arms gets a break. Your little one will love being rocked in it and will soon be rocked to a gentle snooze. The rocker is lightweight and can be folded up too, so that you can carry it with you when you travel.

7. Infrared digital baby thermometer

Infrared digital baby thermometer

There are many infrared digital baby thermometers available online and offline, which are extremely useful eco friendly gadgets for new parents. These thermometers make taking the temperature of a cranky and upset baby much easier.

Also, as you only have to point the thermometer at the baby’s forehead, you never have to wake a peacefully sleeping baby to take the temperature. The whole family can use Infrared thermometers. You can also use it to measure the temperature of milk, food, bathwater and so on. And being non-contact in nature, there is no danger of the bacteria spreading to the baby from others in the family.

8. Home camera

The home camera from Withings Home is one of the eco friendly gadgets for new parents which sound really great. It has a live streaming feature direct to your mobile, and also allows you to interact with your baby when you’re out. You can play soothing music at night through this device, which also acts as a nightlight. You can see all the best moments of your baby as it records data upto 30 days, and tracks indoor air pollution components too. With so many useful features, you can consider buying this excellent gadget for your baby.

9. Nail clipper with magnifying glass

Baby nail clippers are one of the essential gadgets every parent needs. Clipping the nails of a little baby needs confidence. Many mothers are apprehensive about cutting their babies’ nails. Nail clippers that have a magnifying glass attached make the job very easy. Baby gadgets like magnifying glass attached nail clipper may be a simple but undoubtedly one of the most important nursery gadgets you can own.

10. Ultra-modern bouncer

Eco friendly gadgets for new parents like the bouncer from 4moms mamaroo can give relief to your aching hands after doing all those baby related chores. Instead of you bouncing the baby, put your baby in this bouncer which offers five different type of motions. It can bounce your baby and sway him/her, soothing your baby and making him happy. The white noise feature can help your little one fall into a deep slumber too.

11. Anti-colic bottle

You can buy hi-tech anti-colic bottles from brands like Tommee Tippee and Philips Avent. Many babies suffer from colic and this discomfort makes them cry for hours. It’s a very trying time for parents as it is very tough to comfort a colicky baby. So anti-colic bottles, which beep when the bottle position is too high or too flat (leading to regurgitation or air intake, causing colic) seem like a good investment for new parents. It also has a connected app through which you can get the data from the bottle. This is quite useful especially when the baby is with a caregiver or babysitter.

Useful Eco-Friendly Tips for New Parents

Taking care to go green and using only eco-friendly materials for your baby may seem like too much work, but it is not. Using organic stuff is not as tedious as it may seem.Here are a few ways by which you can use eco-friendly products to bring up your baby:

1. Switch to cloth diapers:

Switch to cloth diapersThis is, perhaps, the best method you can adopt to make sure that you are going green. Commercially manufactured diapers are not good for the baby’s skin since they keep brushing against it all day. They also generate plenty of waste leading to pollution hazards. Switch to cloth nappies to use for your baby. You can wash and dry these once used, and can even save a couple of bucks while using the same. They also have a soothing effect on your baby’s skin.

2. Use gentler wipes:

Wipes are meant to be rubbed against your baby’s sensitive skin. Opt for organic wipes that are softer and use the organic substance to be prepared. This way, you will not only be ensuring that your baby’s skincare is in place, but will also be contributing to improving the condition of the environment.

3. Skin care for your baby:

Skin care for your babyUse only those products that are known to contain organic constituents to bathe and cleans your kid. You can even opt for other home remedies in place of commercially manufactured soaps which have the possibility of causing side effects. Don’t go overboard with the use of soap on your baby’s skin.

4. Baby bottles:

The cheaply manufactured baby bottles are full of harmful chemicals that trigger various ill effects in your child. They are not eco-friendly at all. Resort to those bottles that are specially designed as per the needs and the condition of the baby, and are also eco-friendly.

5. Breastfeed your baby:

Breastfeed your babyUsing artificially prepared foods and milk for your kid is not only going to harm the health of your child, but also contribute to the planet’s pollution in a big way. In order to curb this, you can adopt the practice of breastfeeding your baby. This will not just ensure that you go green, but also your baby’s good health since breastmilk is a complete food.

6. Prefer baby furniture:

Newly manufactured furniture items have a certain peculiar smell to them. They are rubbed with formaldehyde that gives out that unpleasant odor. Believe it or not, that is not good for the baby, and also for your home environment. When buying a new cradle for your baby or any piece of furniture to aid your baby’s needs, opt for baby furniture. It comes with organic and eco-friendly materials which don’t harm your baby’s health in any way.

7. Choose home-made meals:

Choose home-made mealsSimilarly, when your child starts to eat, don’t resort to commercially manufactured formulas. You never know what may be their real constituents, and why to risk the health of your baby. Instead, opt for home-cooked meals like soup or mashed rice and potatoes when your child grows older. Although, you can resort to using feeding organic baby formulas once in a while.

8. Use toxic-free products:

Use products that don’t contain harmful ingredients lest they cause hazards to the health of the baby. Ointments, soaps, powders and other products need to be checked for any toxic substituents since they are quite harmful to the body. These substances pose threats not just to the baby, but also to the environment.  

Useful tips for an Eco-friendly nursery

Preparing your home for the baby is the stressful project especially when you are going green. But with proper planning and homework, this task can become an easy and exciting work. We have made things easy for you with some easy method and tips for an Eco-friendly nursery. Let’s gets started.

1. Eco-Friendly Paint and Wallpaper

Eco-Friendly Paint and WallpaperPlanning for wallpaper doesn’t mean that you have to choose from any ordinary and standard wallpaper. There are eco-friendly wallpapers available in the market. So go for eco-friendly wallpapers made up of natural fiber and grass cloth. One of the useful Ideas for an eco-friendly nursery in 2018. Other than this, if you want to paint your nursery, always go for VOC paints wall which is chemical free and healthy for the baby.

Quick tips:

If you are planning to paint the wall, get it painted at least 2 months before the baby is due. This can settle any smell and the room feels fresh. You can also get creative and involve the elder siblings to color and get creative with nursery walls. For eco-friendly design tips and ideas, use nontoxic stickers and decorative item to give a cute look to the wall.

2. Eco- friendly furniture

When shopping for the eco-friendly nursery, search for sustainable wood which is certified, non-toxic and food grade. There are many green bands available for you in the market as well. If you purchase all new items for your nursery, set it at your home some weeks before. The new furniture’s little smell and the fumes end up covering the entire room. If you place it before; the smell of the furniture will disperse after a week or two.  There are things you can keep in mind while purchasing different furniture for baby.

3. Safe Crib

Safe CribThe crib is the most important elements of the nursery room. Parents are very particular while choosing crib for their baby. After all, it’s the place the baby spent most of the time. It has to be comfortable. There are many options available with varieties of design, elements, size, and materials. The eco-friendly cribs are made out of sustainable woods. This crib is free of nontoxic finishes and lead and phthalate free too. Once the baby starts growing they start to chew everything around them so this has to be safer for them.

4. Organic bedding

The bedding has to be chemical free without any flames retardants. While choosing a safe mattress for your baby, give prioritize to cotton as it is the most resource intensive produce on the planet. You can rely on them. Organic cotton is the best option which not only protects your child but safer for the environment too.  Compliment the bedding with sheets, quilts, and swaddles which you can get in endless patterns and patterns.

Quick tip: –   

One of the creative tips for an Eco-friendly nursery is make use of your old vintage bookcase to table for creating it little shelves for holding baby’s toys and stuff.

5. Healthy air is important

Eco-friendly nurseryIf you are planning everything keeping in mind the tips for an Eco-friendly nursery, why not make your nursery a nice place gets fresh air. Fresh air is important, especially for your baby. An air purifier can help reduce any germs, dust mites that can be present in the room and make it clean. Do not use any room freshener in the nursery. The child gets allergic to it easily. If you want that there is an urgent need of fragrance, use some essential oil to spread in the room and that’s enough. And last but not the least, fresh air and sunlight is always good for the baby, allow natural light and sunlight come inside your house whenever it’s possible.

Creative ways to design the nursery

Parents never want to compromise anything as far their baby’s well being is concerned. As parents, even you would want to keep your baby far from synthetic and artificial goods just so that they can spend the first few years of life staying away from inorganic stuff. The above-mentioned methods will help you through the entire process.

Also, these methods are not all. You can even come up with more and better means of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle than the ones mentioned. Get innovative with it, and see what suits your baby.Once you are set with your wall, flooring and furniture get creative and give a décor to the eco-friendly nursery to add some colors. There are some green nursery elements and must-haves 2018 to assemble in the nursery.

  • One of the creative ways to decorate the room is hand painted light switch. You can paint it according to your color choice. Give a cute little figure in it and you can customize with your baby’s name too.
  • Decorate the walls with cute stickers which are nontoxic. You can also use nontoxic hot air balloon stickers to give a lovely look.
  • Put up cute little wall frames simply by upcycle your old fabric. Use it to decorate the frames simply color it with the help of VOC paint which looks pretty in your walls with cute little pictures.
  • Use your creativity and make a cute little pillow for the little one. This organic made to order pillow covers give your crib a colorful look and makes it complete.
  • For your little princess, why not make a handmade rag doll with braided. Use organic material to make this doll. It would make a nice decor to the bookshelf and dresser. Your little one will enjoy once she gets old enough to play with it.
  • Lastly, decorate the room with a cute bright rug. A colorful rug will brighten make your place and make the place warm and complete. 

Final Words

Gadgets that are safe for the baby and safe for the environment are the best for your little darling. Parenting is tough, and new parents can be overwhelmed by the list of things required for the baby.Parents have to prepare for the new baby by buying everything from the crib, feeding bottles, strollers etc. These and other gadgets can make the lives of parents much easier and eco-friendly gadgets for new parents can make sure that baby products are extra safe for the baby. New parents have many concerns on how to take care of their child.

We all like to take care of our baby’s needs in a sustainable manner. These gadgets are healthier and safer for babies as they do not have any harmful chemical substances which can affect the baby’s health in a negative way. Through this list, you might have got a good idea of what kind of gadgets you can use to make parenting easy and eco-friendly.

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