Awesome eco-friendly hand cranked cameras you will love

In the age of mobile phone cameras, one might feel that standalone cameras have lost their charm. This is not true. Let us check out some amazing hand-cranked cameras for the eco geeks.

  1. The Sun and Cloud camera

The Sun and Cloud camera

The world’s first self-generating digital camera has dual charging facility. This camera is manufactured by Superheadz Japan.You can charge the camera with a USB cable or employ the camera’s solar panel to charge it with solar power.

The Sun and Cloud camera come with a built-in microphone which makes audio recording possible. One can shoot videos as well as still photographs using this hand cranked camera. The lens is 3 megapixels and there are 15 onboard filters. Though the camera looks like a primitive box camera, it is made by using the latest technology. The quality of pictures taken by the camera is good.

  1. The Lomokino Super 35 the hand cranked movie camera

The Lomokino Super 35 the hand cranked movie camera

Want to make a 35 mm short movie? Then make use of Lomokino Super 35 hand-cranked movie camera. You can make use of any 35 mm camera film, right from black and white to colour negative and high ISO camera films. Using the analogue video camera you can make a short movie from these films. No battery is required for operating this camera. Make use of the hand crank to power the camera. It can take 144 images in 60 seconds.

The camera cost $80 but with additional $20 you can get Lomokinoscope, a film canister and a book which gives an insight into the creation of the camera. From the handy volume display, you will know how much film is remaining on the roll. The camera has fast focusing and one can focus up to 0.6m The camera has easy aperture settings.

  1. Otto-The hackable GIF camera

Otto-The hackable GIF camera

This is a Raspberry-Pi-powered camera and it is a fusion between still and video camera. This is a GIF camera. A GIF camera can record videos and save it as a GIF file. It should be noted that GIF has the gravity lock feature. The Otto camera makes use of computer module. The camera can be connected to your smartphone with the help of the Otto app. With the Otto smartphone app and a Wi-Fi connection you can create as well as share images using your smartphone. Just connect the camera with your smartphone and share the GIF images easily.

With the help of the app, you can also change the modes on the camera. It should be noted here that the unique modes are apps within an app. Users can also create their own modes which can be used by other users. All you need to do is submit the modes in the mode gallery where others can view them. Other features of the camera are an ability to control colour saturation with other inputs, the addition of Arduino-powered flashy flash.

  1. Sony-Odo Twirl N’ Take Hand powered digital camera

Sony-Odo Twirl N’ Take Hand powered digital camera

This Odo series of Sony consists of hand chargeable devices. The Twirl N Take camera from the Odo series is a digital camera which can be placed inside a pot like USB cradle. The camera comes with a stem and circle design. In order to recharge the camera, you only need to rub the circumference of the wheel on a hard surface. For one snap you need to push the roll 15 times. You can check the charging progress with the help of built-in a power meter. The device does not have a display screen mainly for saving power.

These eco-friendly cameras enable all those nature loving people to capture snaps and videos and also save on the power. Get some of the best pictures with the latest technology using these handy better quality cameras’.

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