Ah-Bre Table Lamp features LEDs, utilizes recycled plastic

Ah-Bre Table Lamp features LEDs, utilizes recycled plastic

Conceived and created by a bunch of designers in Barcelona, the Ah-Bre Table Lamp offers itself as an eco-friendly home lighting option. Features en suite energy efficient LEDs, the table lamp flaunts bountiful use of recycled plastic materials, with over 98 percent of it being further recyclable.

The decorative designer table lamp comes with a variety of lampshades to suit your home décor. Aside from offering that perfect illumination, the lamp has ample space for storing your personal items like rings, keys or watches. Just to ensure extra protection and extended life, the Ah-Bre Table Lamp comes fitted with current control circuitry. Super efficient LEDs are integrated into the lamp body to offer a clean and compact design.

A built-in dimmer on-off switch is there to control the light intensity. Moreover, as developers put it, the LEDs flaunt a lifespan of 30,000 hours or more, so the LED lamp will serve its owner for 13 years if he uses it 6 hours a day. Finally yet importantly, the manufacturer promises to minimize the use of packaging materials or use recycled material in their packaging.

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