9- Ethical headphones to buy in 2019: Save the Earth while you listen

Bushmills X Grado Labs headphones

If you think that you never get an opportunity to go green, then think again. By just making green choices while buying your day-to-day products, you can make a considerable difference. There are more than many brands that provide inexpensive green products. Moreover, the quality of these products is comparable to those already in the market. Therefore, making a green choice now is easier than ever. If you can’t find such green products, we would do it for you. So, if ethical headphones is what you are looking for, here are 9 of the best headphones in the market right now.

9- Ethical headphones to buy in 2019

Here’s a quote from a famous philosopher – “Without music, life would be a mistake”. We agree with the statement. In addition, we also suggest that we should watch the environmental impact of our equipment and devices that we purchase for listening to music. In this post, we will talk about ethical headphones, which are sustainable and consist of mainly organic materials.

1. Uplift 2 from House of Marley ($39.99)
Uplift 2 from House of Marley

All the Ethical headphones from House of Marley consist of Earth-friendly materials like bamboo, FSC certified wood, recycled aluminum, and fabrics. Whenever they sell a product, a particular sales percentage goes for reforestation through Here we are talking about one of the brand’s headphones Uplift 2. Uplift 2 is created ergonomically. It is a very comfortable fit. Earbuds of the headphones have FSC certified wood offering good sound quality. Other materials in this Eco-conscious gadget are recyclable aluminum and silicon.

2. The Troubadour from LSTN ($107.99)
The Troubadour from LSTN

Ethical headphones from LSTN consist of waste wood. It is mainly collected from flooring and furniture companies. Other materials of these Eco-friendly earphones are also recyclable. Apart from favoring our environment, the brand is providing aid to individual suffering from hearing problems or hear loss. In the last couple of years, they have helped more than 20, 000 people to get back the gift of hearing through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. A lovable brand, isn’t it? An on-ear Bluetooth headphone – The Troubadour consists of mainly vegan leather and wood. With more than eight hours of battery backup and thirty feet range the headset offers unmatched sound.

3. Thinksound On2 monitor series ($199.99)
Thinksound On2 monitor series

The brand manufactures all their products using wood and PVC free cables. The On2 headphone is also one of them. It consists mainly of sustainable forest wood, which provides natural bass and tones. Cables used in the headphones are also PVC free. Overall sound quality of the headphone is superb and why not – it has ear cups made of wood, which has the best acoustic properties. With perfect sound balance and comfortable fit, it scores way better than any other headphone.

4. NIGHT SKY Earbud from Jamboo ($34.95)NIGHT SKY Earbud from Jamboo

Earpiece, jack and middle connector – the brand uses bamboo to manufacture these headphone parts. Earbud chords also consist of cotton thread in a way that it never tangles. To make the product completely Eco-friendly, they use natural glues as well.

With an inbuilt microphone, Night Sky offers superior sound quality and works well with any device having a 3.5 mm jack. Innovative, Earth-friendly and a sustainable product – Do you need anything else from an earbud?

5. Woodbuds (£25.00)

FSC certified wood is the main material of these headphones from Woodbuds. Cables have biodegradable plastic as their prime components. The headphone leaves very less carbon footprint. Moreover, the purchase box is also recyclable. For every 100 product that the brand sells, it plants a tree plus it donates one percent of the sales to a network of environmental organizations. Available in six different colors, the wooden headphone has noise isolation feature too. These Eco-friendly earphones come with three spare ear tips included in the purchase box.

6. Grain Audio Headhpones ($99.00)
Grain Audio Headhpones

This beautiful over the ear headphone from Grain Audio has a clear listening quality. Focused on natural elements, the headphone features FSC certified walnut enclosures with hand applied oil finish.Each unit has CCAW voice coil and a Neodymium magnet to offer real bass and pure natural sound. It features an inbuilt mic and comes with a 3.5 mm jack that works with most of the devices. The purchase box has a soft carrying pouch as well.

Watch a movie or listen to non-ending music files, with its comfortable fit and multi-dimensional sound, it accompanies you till the end.

7. Bushmills X Grado Labs headphones ($395)
Bushmills X Grado Labs headphones

An impressive pair of headphones is made of recycled oak barrels from Ireland’s Bushmills distillery. It is crafted to provide optimized music dynamics and fidelity. Apart from oak, it has premium leather to offer a comfortable fit and smooth listening experience.

8. Creative Sound Blaster JAM ($29.99)
Creative Sound Blaster JAM

The Eco-friendly headphones follow a manufacturing process that leaves less carbon footprint. It is budget friendly, lightweight (8.8 ounces) and produces a nice sound. Comfortable thick foam ear cups ensure extreme comfort all day long that you will ever forget that there is something on your head. The NeoDymium drivers give you an incomparable dynamic mix of treble and bass. It can be charged through a USB cable and lasts for more than twelve hours. It has an inbuilt mic, but that disables once you connect it with any computer.

Apart from USB connectivity for Mac and Windows computers, it is also enabled with Bluetooth to work with portable devices.It also gives you a “One click solution” to connect using Bluetooth or play/pause directly from the ear cups. Once you connect it using USB, you will have access to SBX Pro Studio suite to improve sound quality, change the equalizer and environment for music or movies.

9. Marshall Major II ($79.99)Marshall Major II

The classic amplifier company is renowned for their voice quality, but if you need a headset with longest battery run, Major II is a considerable option. Charge it once and it goes up to 30 hours. Less charging means less carbon emission and the manufacturing process ensures less carbon footprint on the environment.The headset works well with any Bluetooth enabled device. The lightweight and comfortable Eco-conscious gadgets come with a USB cable as well.

We know that the audio industry lacks ethical headphones that reduce carbon footprint while in the making and has Eco-friendly material used. But, the industry is evolving and soon you will see many more options. Keep checking for more brands and models that are made with the Eco-friendly and sustainable material, because even if you are an audiophile, you must care for the environment.

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