9 All Natural DIY Car Air fresheners

DIY Car Air fresheners

So you have your dream car and you take the best possible care of it. But there are some things that even your regular maintenance will not be able to solve. One of these problems is the issue of foul smell in your car. The causes could be many. It could be a meal that you had eaten or simply a locked up car with some wet towels inside. But the foul smell seriously affects the essence of your fine vehicle and this is where air fresheners become important. However the idea is to go all natural in the process and not opt for the products with a lot of chemicals in them. So in this article we will be telling you about the best of DIY car air freshener that you can possibly get for your car.

We spoke to a representative from crusader vans, and he said, “Let’s face it, most people spend most of their time in their cars travelling from one place to another. As a result the car ends up developing unpleasant odors whereby you’d be embarrassed to let a passenger in. Most people then opt for buying commercial car air fresheners  but these can be overwhelming and don’t last too long. Luckily, there are many homemade  car air fresheners you can try out to have  your  smell nice and fresh again. You can make your air freshener from products you already have in your home.” To find  out more about crusader vans visit this website:

Some of the best DIY car air freshener

  1. The air freshener from felt and essential oils:

    essential oils
    For this, all you need to do is get some essential oils of your liking, a felt and a pair of scissors and string. The felt can be woolen and even the normal less expensive variant. You just need to cut the felt to a size and then make a hole for the yarn. Through this hole pour some of the essential oil in the felt. As the felt absorbs the oil and emits the beautiful smell try hanging it in such a way in your car that you can always enjoy an all natural sweet smell in your car without any harmful effect.

  2. Air fresheners from clay discs:

    Clay discs are something you will easily find in one of the stores that specialize in kitchen specialty equipments. Once you get the clay disc the rest of the procedure is as simple as it can get. You just need some essential oils which you will drop bit by bit on the clay discs. After that allow the disc some time to soak in the oils. You are in for a treat as the smell emitted will soothe your nerves and help you stay relaxed all day. Enjoy the sweet smelling air freshener to the fullest through this simple DIY car air freshener.

  3. Baking soda to combat foul smell:

    Baking soda
    When it comes to dealing with foul smell in the refrigerator, few things work better than baking soda. This can be your very own DIY car air freshener and can be made very effective in your car as well. Place them carefully underneath the seats of in suitable cases so that you do not end up spilling a lot of it. But it can be guaranteed that there will remain no poor smell in the car.

  4. Dried herbs and incense sticks:

    This can be an eco friendly perfume for your car. It needs to be remembered that when we smell something we also intake some of the particles in the process. So it is always advisable to use some smell that does not involve harmful chemicals because that has a negative impact on the lungs. So a great idea can be dried herbs that ensure a long lasting fragrance around the car. You can fuse it with incense sticks for a better result and make for a successful DIY car air freshener.

  5. Coffee beans:

    Coffee beans
    Few people dislike the rich taste of brewing coffee. While it can mask the bad smells in the car, it also leaves a sense of freshness around the car. So as one of the best DIY car air freshener you can get a porous packet of coffee placed somewhere in your car. Enjoy the long lasting freshness and sweet smell of the coffee while you are on the go.

  6. The clothes pin air freshener:

    For this DIY car air freshener, all you need are a clothes pin and some essential oils to go with it. This works irrespective of the flow of air and irrespective of the kind of air that is blowing, hot or cold. All you need to do is add five to ten drops of essential oil to the clothes pin. Then just clip it on to the air vents of the car and there you have it. A fine smell for the car which is also environmentally friendly. Also the lack of chemicals ensures that you are not inhaling toxic substances and your lungs can stay healthy.

  7. The air freshener in a jar:

    The air freshener in a jar
    This is among the simplest forms of air fresheners that you can get your hands upon. For this all you will need are, a mason jar, essential oils, baking soda and a small piece of cardboard. The process to get this too is simple enough. All you have to do is fill the jar with baking soda and add the essential drops in about 20 drops. This all natural air freshener is then ready with a cardboard box sealing the box and with a few holes poked in it. This air freshener is now ready and is as environmentally friendly as these things can get.

  8. Air freshener from the fabric softener sheets:

    Did you finally find one of those dryer sheets you always looked for? The one that is free from all toxicity and is easy and healthy to use! Well, you will be happy to know that this has more uses than the laundry room. So to make the most of this you can use one of these boxes and have them placed inside your car. It will ensure a fine fragrance during your journeys and also serve as a multi-purpose material. Try this out and we assure you that the end result will not disappoint you.

Final words

Follow these tips and your car would have never smelled better. Not only would your lungs be free from the artificial chemicals but the air fresheners mentioned here will also be environmentally friendly. So go ahead and opt for this eco friendly perfume and enjoy the results while having a relaxing ride in your car.

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