8 Gifts to Buy Women That Keep on Giving

8 Gifts to Buy Women That Keep on Giving

If you’re lucky, there’s a gal pal in your life who never ceases to amaze. She volunteers, donates, has mad fundraising skills, and is considered a pillar of the community. Despite sacrificing personal time for others, this wonder woman never complains — in the US, 34% of ladies volunteer, by the way.

That said, you’ve probably wanted to find a way to let this superhero know how much she’s appreciated for her perpetual time, love, and ongoing efforts to make the world a better place. If you feel pressured to find the perfect gift to say “thank you,” we’ve got you covered. From vegan makeup to beauty sleep essentials, here are eight fantastic ideas to celebrate her efforts while making it a little easier for her to spend some time on herself.

1. A Curated Skincare Routine

Your girl is a busy bee, so there may be those late nights when she skips out on taking off her makeup, including that lasting lipstick! Help keep her motivated with a curated skincare routine, complete with essentials like a balancing cleanser, hydrating serum, line-smoothing eye cream, and an ultra-hydrating moisturizer. Since making a difference is important to her, why not go the vegan skincare route?

2. DIY Beauty Products

Support sustainable beauty by gifting her DIY beauty products made from the heart! You can find most of the packaging and ingredient supplies online. Think nourishing plant and nut oils, sugars and salts, clays, essential oils, beeswax, sodium bicarbonate, honey, apricot powder, and more. In a simple Google search, you’ll find recipes to make bath bombs, lip balm, sugar and salt scrubs, soap, face masks, and much more.  If you’re not feeling crafty, support a local business by purchasing the products at a small shop or farmer’s market.

3. Eye Makeup That Matches Her Eye and Hair Color

Complete her perfect benefit gala look with eye makeup that compliments her eye and hair color. Don’t forget the fake eyelashes!

  • Blue: Warm, coppery tones make blue eyes pop. Other hues that add depth and contrast include dark shades of taupe, brown, and purple. A dark grey smokey eye accented with shades of black is perfect for a nighttime To brighten blue eyes, opt for black mascara and liner.
  • Green: Any eye color can pull off brown, but it really makes green eyes shine — especially metallic shades of copper, gold, and bronze. For an evening eye, intense shades of green and purple are good choices. Dark brown eyeliner is more flattering than black, but mascara can be brown or black.
  • Brown: Nearly every color is flattering if she’s a brown-eyed girl. However, the cooler the shade (grey, blue, or green), the more the eyes stand out. Deep shades of gold, brown, and black make for a mesmerizing smokey eye — especially when paired with black liner and mascara.

Regarding hair color, darker tresses can pull off bolder shades, while lighter hair tones should steer away from bright shades to avoid looking washed out.

4. A Relaxing Spa Day

Spa Day

While most people love a spa day, very few take time for one — especially someone like your go-getter volunteering left and right!. Get her a gift certificate for a day of pampering at a local spa. Consider preferences like face over body (or vice versa) or a mix of both. Don’t forget about the essential mani and pedi, as she’s often on her feet and working with her hands.

5. The Ultimate Beauty Sleep Gift Basket

There’s no doubt she pulls late nights once in a while and can find it difficult to wind down. Make it easier for her to rest, relax, and restore with a curated beauty sleep basket of goodies. Fill it with chamomile tea, an eye mask, aromatherapy pillow spray, a silk pillowcase, and comfy pajamas. Don’t forget beauty essentials like a leave-on sleeping face mask, lip balm, foot, and hand cream.

6. Makeup Brushes for a Flawless Fundraiser Look

While any makeup wearer needs brushes for daily applications, for special events like a gala or other fundraiser, she may need a few extra brushes and tools to perfect her look. Several eyeshadow brushes are designed to build color, define, and diffuse. She needs eyeliner brushes to make sharp or smudged lines. Don’t forget highlighting and contour tools to sculpt and define certain features. Don’t forget about extras like a beauty blender, brush cleaner, and tweezers.

7. A Series of Blow-Outs

There’s a reason women get a blowout before a special occasion. It’s time-consuming and can lack that Midas touch only a pro can provide. Get her a series of blowouts at a local blow-dry bar or salon so she can spend less time on her hair and more time polishing her speech for that next fundraiser. Include a goodie bag of environmentally friendly, non-aerosol clean haircare products so she can maintain her tresses.

8. Essentials for a Relaxing Bath

Relaxing Bath

Despite what you may think, most Americans prefer baths to showers. However, due to time constraints, we may not take them as often as we like. Still, nothing beats a long soak after a long day — or week. Gift your giver all the essentials for a soothing soak. Think sulfate-free bubbles, a bath pillow, aromatherapy candles, a loofah or sponge, a bath tray caddy, a plush robe, and a Bluetooth speaker to create an audible ambiance.

Giving back to those who dedicate themselves to others is always a good idea. Shop with ethics in mind and consider gifting vegan makeup or skincare. If you go the service route, support local businesses trying to make a difference in the community.

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