5 Ways to Make Your Baby’s First Few Months More Natural

Baby’s First Few Months More Natural

When you bring a baby into this world, you should make sure you’re doing everything within your power to make them happy and healthy. Part of this means looking out for them and ensuring they’re protected. By choosing to raise your child in a green, natural environment, you can give them the sort of head start they need to flourish for years to come.

 5 Green Tips for Your New Baby 

It’s not always easy to raise a “green” baby. You must think carefully about the different products you use and what you expose your child to. However, if you use the following tips, you’ll find yourself on the right track.

Breastfeed as Long as Possible breastfeedOne of the healthiest things you can do for your child is breastfeed. Not only is there no processing involved, but there are a whole host of vitamins and nutrients that formula has a hard time replicating. Having said that, there are some mothers and babies who have issues or complications that prevent them from breastfeeding. If this sounds like you, don’t feel guilty. Instead, it’s a good idea to go with organic formula that’s less processed than popular items you’ll find on supermarket shelves. 

  • Block Off Dangerous Areas 

“It’s never a good idea to let a baby have free roam throughout the home. It doesn’t matter how mobile (or immobile) they may be,” says Green Residential. “Children are curious by nature and will move from room to room to see what they can explore.” 

From the moment you have an infant in your home, you’ll want to put locks on any cabinets or drawers that have potentially harmful chemicals or products inside. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

  • Use Natural Elements in the Nursery 

Designing and decorating the nursery is usually one of the more exciting aspects of welcoming a child into the world. You get to pick out different items and begin planning for your baby’s first few months. But just because you see something in the local baby store, doesn’t mean it’s safe or healthy.

The most important purchase you’ll make is the crib mattress. As design blogger Kitty Lascurain explains, “Conventional crib mattresses are treated with toxic, fire-retardant chemicals. These chemicals evaporate with time, exposing your baby to dangerous toxins—a pretty scary thought considering your little one will spend as much as 16 hours a day in bed.”

It’s also important that you think about the paint, flooring, bedding, and furniture you put in the nursery. The fewer chemicals you introduce, the better. 

  • Avoid Harsh Cleaning Chemicals Home-Cleaning

Speaking of chemicals, it’s absolutely imperative – for your health and that of your baby – to stop using harsh cleaning products throughout the home. Toss these products in the garbage and start using safe, natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. 

  • Be Cautious With Toys 

Finally, you need to do research on any toys you purchase for your baby. Toys always end up in a child’s mouth and you want to avoid products that contain harsh ingredients. When in doubt, stick with basic wooden and organic cotton toys. They might not be as flashy as some of the newer, best-selling toys, but they’re considerably safer. 

Give Your Baby a Healthy Start 

Newborns are naturally weak and helpless. As a parent, you are in control of what they eat, what they wear, where they sleep, and what they interact with. Not only will green habits keep your baby happy and healthy, but they’ll also instill a sense of environmental responsibility, which will, hopefully, continue to flourish as they enter childhood and eventually adulthood.

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