All you need to know about eco-friendly pest control

11 simple eco-friendly pest control methods

With sustainability quickly becoming one of the most popular trends among millennials, everyone nowadays is trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Keeping in mind the wastage we do while cleaning, eco-cleaning is also becoming common among many people. It better cleaning without affecting the health of people. In addition to saving the environment, it also saves you from the harmful effects of the harsh chemicals present in many cleaning products. In case you think that the product you are using is not that bad, think again. There are many cleaning products, which, if they mix, become highly toxic. You can easily avoid this by opting for eco-friendly pest control methods.

But what about the pest control methods?

People still choose to use loads of chemicals to get rid of bugs, insects, and rodents from their houses and yards which not only affects the environment, aquatic life, and mammals but the toxic chemicals affect us as well.There are many organic pest control methods that can get rid of pests all the while ensuring that no harm is done to the environment.

After all, it’s up to you to find the exterminator that alleviates future problems, while maintaining standards and practices that keep your home safe on every level. Do the research necessary to avoid any damages that may come from unsuitable pest control.

Eco-Friendly Aspects of Hiring a Professional

Close up cimex hemipterus on corrugated recycle paper

The importance of bringing in home exterminators goes beyond just solving the problem in a cost-effective manner, although that is an important component. But there’s also the matter of the use of chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment. Most pest control services have gone green, and they also know where to use specific products inside and outside of the home in order to be as safe as possible. DIY pest control often calls for insecticides and things of the like, or it often calls for improper application of certain ingredients, and so on. A trained professional provides pest control services in a manner that’s as safe and effective as possible.

Exterminators Handle Specific Problems

An exterminator can come into any home, point out specific pest problems, and take care of them. They know exactly what to do and what to use in any situation. This type of efficiency will not only save you money, but it will eliminate your pest problems for good. A trusted, knowledgeable professional will know exactly what to do in order to best handle your pest-related issues.

Finding the Source of Your Problems


Source of Your Problems

Certified pest control technicians have the ability to not just eliminate existing problems, but rather get to the course of the issue. For instance, they can determine the cause, while also getting rid of any future issues that may arise. We do need to understand the importance of professional exterminators and how they can take care of your pest problems for good. Attempting to take care of any infestation on your own can backfire enormously, as you will end up dumping more money into the problem and you may miss the opportunity to eliminate an issue early on, which can be incredibly important when it comes to the potential pest-related destruction of your home.

Avoiding Long-Term Damage is What’s Truly Important

The end goal of your pest control needs should always be the maintenance of your home. Saving money over time is a direct result of handling problems in a timely manner, and handling them properly the first time around. With so many green options available nowadays, it’s also easy to find a trusted professional who can take care of your home’s pest issues in as eco-friendly a manner as possible.

11 simple eco-friendly pest control methods

1. Cedar oil to repel insects

Cedar oil to repel insects Instead of going for chemically loaded insect repellants, try cedar oil instead. It is non-toxic insect repellant that will get rid of commonly found insects like mosquitos, cockroaches, and ants. It can be used safely on the bedding of your pets as well.

2. Get rid of fleas without chemicals

Fleas and their eggs can be banished without using chemicals at all. Simply wash, vacuum, and steam your mats and carpets to clean them. Use pet-friendly soaps and combs to get rid of fleas from the fur of your pets. Wash the bedding of your pets in hot water regularly to prevent a flea infestation.

3. Avoid rat baits and Use rattraps instead

Avoid rat baits and Use rattraps insteadPlacing poison in the corners of your house is one of the ways to get rid of rats. However, the poison kills rats slowly and painfully which makes the method inhumane and on top of it if another animal or your pet eats the poisoned rat, it can die and spread diseases.

A better way to catch rodents running around your house is by setting up rat traps. There are many rattraps available in the market that don’t hurt the mice but do the job effectively. Instead of going old school and placing cheese as the bait, use peanut butter or uncooked oats to lure rats.

4. Solar powered pest control equipment

Keeping nature in mind, pest control methods are evolving to incorporate environment friendly ways. One of such products involves collecting energy through the solar panels above the ground while its spike is buried in the ground. The device sends vibrations under the ground to scare off small animals that live in holes under the ground.

5. Sticky boards for insects

Sticky boards for insectsSticky boards can be used for insects that crawl. It can trap the insects around the place without engaging the use chemicals. Place the sticky board at a place where insects are mostly found.

6. Avoid insect sprays

The first thing we do when we spot cockroaches is bring out bug sprays and aim at them. But the chemical, organophosphates, present in them doesn’t kill them but paralyzes them. The chemical is also harmful to humans as well.

7. Make your own sticky trap

Make your own sticky trapYou can also make your own sticky trap for cockroaches. Take a jar and put a banana peel in it. Put some petroleum jelly on the rim of the jar. The taste and smell of banana will attract the cockroaches and they will get stuck on the rim of the jar in their attempt to get the banana peel.

8. Keep the woolens in your freezer

As unusual as it sounds, this trick can actually kill larvae from your woolens. Simply put your woolens in your freezer for a few days at the start and end of the season.

9. Use soap water for ants

Use soap water for antsAnts are always found crawling on a trail because of the chemical released by the ants proceeding ahead of them. Simply spray some soapy water on a colony of ants and it will remove the chemical trail which will prevent them from going ahead.

10. Beer to banish slugs

Slugs are attracted to beer and can be dealt with easily by placing beer in a dish in your garden. They will drown in it as soon as they try to climb into it.

11. Eggshells for snails

 Eggshells for snailsAnother easy way to protect your plants from the terror of snails is by using eggshells. Break the eggshells and place them around the plants. Snails will be unable to cross the barrier as the sharp edges of eggshells can hurt their soft and slimy bodies.

Some other ways to Fight off the pests at home with green means

There is no dearth of pesticides on the market though but it is not a good practice to use pesticides. They are full of chemicals that certainly kill pests but they cause chemical sensitivity to humans, and the fumes that it releases pollute the environment.

To escape this problem you should use natural chemical free things to get rid of pests, which is in yours, and the environment’s best interest. Without much ado let us see the ways that can help you fight pests the green and eco-friendly way:

Basil is good to block flies


If your house attracts swarms of flies, which obviously is irritating, then all you have to do something that discourages them. One natural and highly effective thing that discourages flies is basil. Flies do not like basil’s smell. Place basil pots at the entrance, at the kitchen window, or any other suitable place you find. If you do not find it suitable to place basil pots then put some dry basil in a muslin pouch and hang it at the entrance, flies would not dare enter your home.

An ant infestation

Row of black ant in the garden.

Ant infestation is dangerous and it is scary, and one should try to get this situation under control as soon as possible. First, you should check and repair all cracks and holes in the walls. If the situation continues, spray vinegar, lemon juice and water over spots you feel ant come in from and repeat this twice or thrice a day. Citric things destroy the scent that ants use to trace their way.

Spiders hate citrus

Spiders hate citrus

Spiders hate citrus, which means you can scare them off with any citric thing. If there are too many spiders in your garden, just spread orange or lime peels and see them vanish. You can mix some water and lemon juice and spray it over the countertop in your kitchen, the stairs, roof, and the dark corners of your bathroom. Spiders would hate to enter your home.

Play a prank on wasps

prank on wasps

Wasps are highly territorial by nature and do not dare to build their nest less than twenty yard of some other wasps. You can play a prank on wasps to keep them away from your territory. You can buy a fake wasp nest available in the market and hang it outside your house or in your garden. The wasps will not dare to make their nest when they will see another nest hanging there.

Combat Mosquitoes the natural way

Dead tiger mosquito

A wide assortment of mosquito repellants you get in the market but all of them contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous for human health. Exposures to these repellants cause dizziness, fatigue, and difficulty in breathing to humans. You can repel mosquitoes using few drops of lavender, neem oil, and catnip. These are some ways if you use would keep away mosquitoes without harming you.

Mice and Rats


There is no need to use harmful chemicals to shoo away mice and rats when you can do the same with natural and harmless things. Block all holes and gaps you think mice and rats use to enter your home. Place peppermint extract and mothballs near those holes that discourage them from entering your home.

A final note on All you need to know about eco-friendly pest contro

With growing concern about the environment, people are switching to greener methods of living. From reusable sources of energy to avoiding plastic bags, every minute effort counts when it comes to conserving nature.Many people go in for pest control that brings into use harmful chemicals that do kill pests but also cause certain health issues to themselves and the chemicals badly influence the environment around. Therefore, on should use natural pest control options that help get rid of pests without harming environs.Insect repellants and pesticides do manage to shoo away insects and pests but also cause a lot of damage to the one who uses them and other members in the family. Those chemicals do not just harm pests but also the environment, so people should avoid using them and use natural substances to get rid of them.

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