12 Tips for saving water while cleaning your house

saving water while cleaning your house

We all try our best to be environmentally friendly in every way possible. For all of us with the slightest levels of awareness, we know what the state of the world is like and how the damage has already been done. Resources now are drying up at alarming rates and have reached a new low. Water is one such resource that is drying up fast although it is so important to sustain life on earth. Fresh water resources are now so very little that every attempt needs to be made to conserve this water. So in this article we will be telling you about some methods by which you will be saving water while cleaning your house.

 Some tricks for saving water while cleaning the house

  1. Do not keep water running from a tap when not in use:
    Do not keep water running from a tap
    This one probably sounds a bit too obvious but is a very common mistake that people tend to make. They leave the taps running while being engaged in chores and this results in wastage of millions of liters of water over a period of time. Get rid of this ill habit immediately and make sure that the tap is running only when you really need it and you don’t indulge in unnecessary wastage.
  2. Have the dirty dishes immerged in water: If you are thinking of saving water while cleaning the house, make sure that you make this a habit while doing the dishes. It is a practice by many to wash the dishes under running water to rid of the particles stuck to the plate. This can easily be avoided by keeping it soaked in warm water before you begin the washing process.
  3. Pick the best of dishwashers:Pick the best of dishwashers
    If you want to clean your home efficiently, the last thing you want is to redo a work. That is exactly what you would have to do if you do not pick the better dishwashers that are available. This will make sure that one wash is good enough and you do not have to waste water and also repeat the task.
  4. Use appliances that are compliant: There is no way you can do without the usage of electrical appliances in your house. Just make sure that the appliances you use are compliant with the energy saving norms of your government or any reliable organization. Energy efficient and advanced washing machines for example will help you save a good deal of water. You will be simultaneously saving the environment and water resources.
  5. Use the dishwaters:Use the dishwaters
    Since we are trying to look for tips for water conservation, the dishwashers being used play an important role. This is because using them requires as much as six times less water than doing the dishes in the sink with the help of running water. It may seem like an initial investment but it surely makes up in its service.
  6. Pack the dishwasher properly: Now that you have the dishwasher it is also important that you pack the dishes in carefully. This is extremely important because unless you do so, you are going to end up with a stack of crusty dishes which will need further washing resulting in more wastage of water.
  7. Use the washing machine for a lot of clothes:
    Use the washing machine
    If you want to be saving water while cleaning your house, it is a must that the washing machine usage is well monitored. If you are using the machine to wash a single piece of clothing then you are surely not doing justice to the goal of saving water. So use it only when you have a full load to wash.
  8. Avoid pre rinsing if clothes are not very dirty: If you are trying to be environmentally friendly you surely need to get rid of this habit of rinsing the clothes before putting them in the machine. While we know that it is a must in case the clothes are too dirty, avoid doing so otherwise at it is simply a wastage of water.
  9. Smart car washing:
    Smart car washing
    If saving water while cleaning your house is your motto then adopt smart car washing methods to add to the efforts. You can try using the already used water in cleaning of the clothes or the dishwashers and it would actually work fine. There are also certain car cleansing products in the market which require no application of water whatsoever and you can simply get your hands on one.
  10. Use buckets: Use buckets while trying to clean your home efficiently. This will go a long way in saving you thousands of liters of water that you would otherwise wasted. You can even use pre used water in this bucket in case the water will be used for some cleaning purpose only. This will help you in saving water while cleaning your house.
  11. Use natural cleaning products:Use natural cleaning products
    When you are cleaning your primary target is to get rid of the dirt and not the formation of lather. The more lather you produce, the more water you will need to wash it off. So you can try using some natural agents such as the lemon or vinegar as they have excellent cleaning abilities but do not form lather. This will not only help you in saving water while cleaning your house but also make sure that your products are properly cleaned.
  12. Practice regular cleaning: If you have the practice of cleaning things more often then you will need lesser water and efforts than compared to if you make it a yearly event. So keep up with regular cleaning and have a healthy and clean life. 

Final words

We hope that these tips for water conservation will come in handy and will help your save a significant amount of water. Droplets form oceans and many such small efforts may actually end up having a very positive impact on the water status of the world. These tips will help you clean your home efficiently and will also help in saving the precious water. In a world where every drop counts, we cannot tell you about the importance of this effort.

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