Wonderland: Filipino artist creates amazing furniture from salvaged hardwood

Philippines-born, Oregon-bred furniture-maker Niccolo Jose seems more than inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in the Wonderland. The eco minded furniture maker replicates same inspiration in creating sculptural pieces from salvaged, vintage hardwoods recovered from street posts, pillars, old houses and railroad tracks. Displaying his unique art at Altro Mondo, Makati City, the artist unites his whimsical childhood obsession, which undeniably revolves around the Alice books, with his manipulation of recycled or reclaimed wood to bring his environmentally friendly and functional furniture pieces into existence.

The exhibition, dubbed Wonderland, features 23 sculptural pieces in wood, including furniture, wall décor and free-standing sculptures as well. Niccolo kiln-dries wood pieces, morphs them into amazing shapes and strengthens them with dowels, pegs and glues. Each piece takes around 60 hours in making. While each item is sure to soothe your senses, the Sleeping Alice, The Rabbit-Hole, Polypore, Absolem, DeeDum, The Cheshire, Tea Party, Pearly Chair and Jabberwock take the unparalleled charm to another, refined level.

Via: Inquirer


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