Will the giant woolly mammoths walk the Earth again?!

wooly mammoth8

Will the descendants of extinct mammals walk the eart again? No, I’m not introducing another Hollywood created science fiction like the Jurassic Park. This is what some crazy Japanese researchers are looking forward to, rather take us to, the prehistoric era again.

They are seeing, if it is possible to use sperm from frozen animals to inseminate living relatives. Succeeded with similar experiments with mice, using at least 15-year-old frozen sperms, the lead researcher Dr. Atsuo Ogura seems confident and looking forward to try experiments in larger animals! But, did he predict the consequences of his success?

Afraid another Jurassic Park-like after-math won’t occur? Fiction turning to reality!! Did he think of how suitable the present climate will be for the woolly mammoths? And which areas they will be left free to romp around?

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