Two Minn. residents reach North Pole to find no ice cap!

Are you aware of the impact of global warming on the Arctic environment? To draw your attention to this, Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen arrived the North Pole at noon Saturday. But, astoundingly they found no solid ice cap there! Rather, the area was covered with open water and some drifting ice when they reached! This is reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Keeping in touch with family and friends through daily Weblog entries, they wrote in their blogs,

It wasn’t in a big hurry to leave and stopped frequently to sniff the air… The bear had followed our ski tracks into camp. It came downwind to disguise its scent and used several small drifts to hide behind as it stalked us. Then it circled slowly around the tent, coming five feet from Lonnie’s head.

The expedition was primarily funded by Greenpeace International.

Via: physorg

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